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    Okay so I downloaded photo grid, love the app and the features it has, however after saving the pic it automatically gets saved under android sd photo grid folder. It's not saving in the default picture gallery which I don't expect since it's an android app but my question/problem is viewing the picture. I have over 1000 pics and can't find the photo grid picture. The easiest way is go to file manager and search photo grid and the pictures come up but then I run into the issue in sending, there is no option to send picture after its found inside file manager.u also can't search for pics in the default gallery. Is there a way to change the sd default folder setting??. Love the app can't find the pic lol. The only other way is to move it via PC (not for on the go)
    01-07-13 03:09 AM
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    Just thought of another one... Take a screen shot. But do u loose picture quality if I do this?.... Sorry for all the questions just confused
    01-07-13 03:12 AM
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    I don't know about Photo Grid but when you want to attach photos from File Manager you first have to open the email and then click on Attachments. You will go to File Manager where you click on the Pictures and then start selecting pictures one after the other in the order you want them to attach to the email. The attach button on the Pictures screen will tell you how many you've selected. I've grabbed over forty. They'll all go over to the email as attachments very quickly.

    If you've just taken the pictures recently they will be at the very bottom of the pictures area in File Manager. When you get to the Pictures screen select the Search Icon and then type in a . (period) and it will go right down to the most recently taken. Start selecting all the pictures you wanted from there and then tap Attach.

    Others have indicated screen shot captures of photos deteriorate the image quality.
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    01-07-13 03:35 AM
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    I just installed it, and it doesn't seem like you can change the default save location. However, you can easily access the sdcard/photogrid folder if you use a decent file manager- one being Ghost Commander, which is free in app world. Using Ghost, just navigate to the pic and tap on it and Ghost will give you a choice of apps to open the pic. To send a pic or pics by email, in Ghost just tap and hold on the pic- a dialogue will pop up- choose "Send to" and then "Messages". Messages will open in the compose view with the pic attached.
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    01-07-13 04:07 AM

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