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    So when the Z30 was bound to release. Rogers in Canada said, NO to Z30 (I believe or was it online order only). I cant recall but it did make Rogers Blacknerry users mad.

    Eventually Rogers heard and satisfied its customers.

    What if ALL Playbook users speak out!!

    On Twitter, Facebook, Crackberry.

    We have to someway get there attention.

    This Chen Guy has done good things in his time as CEO.

    Mayne we can get a Playbook 3.0 Update or something that can rejuvenate this great Tablet.

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    03-06-14 07:39 AM
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    There have been many Petition for PlayBook threads. Trying to revive/revamp a device that has been EOLed is different than trying to bring a new phone to a carrier, and this horse has been beaten enough.
    03-06-14 08:09 AM

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