1. Herve5's Avatar
    I am in an office with my PC on an intranet, and internet accesses very prudently filtered (only browsers, with dedicated passwords, etc.)
    So, basically when the current version of Blackberry Desktop Software launches itself upon connecting the Playbook, it immediately fails reaching internet, and consequently refuses to connect the Playbook itself.
    Even the simple 'Explorer' file handling is refused until I find a way to connect the PC to "pure internet".
    To me the consequence is I just cannot exchange a single file between PC and Playbook while I have both plugged together.

    Is there a potential third party application on PCs that at least would allow me to share files?
    (I was told that previous versions of the BB Desktop did not require this internet connection, but I don't see a simple way to 'regress' or even find the app...)

    07-17-12 07:04 AM
  2. pacoman03's Avatar
    Lan File Explorer will allow you to connect to networked PCs without an internet connection, but it needs you to run a dedicated server on the PCs to be accessed. Also, ES File Explorer (needs to be sideloaded) will allow you to connect without internet and doesn't need a dedicated server to be running. Lastly, I used to be able to connect to my PC with Ghost Commander when I was running 2.01, but I can't running 2.1, and it also doesn't need a dedicated server.
    07-17-12 07:45 AM
  3. Herve5's Avatar
    Thank you pacoman for this superfast reply!

    In the meanwhile, I found an explanation to my employer's PC behavior: it hosts a specific admin control thing that will prevent any connections to unknown peripherals when the PC is plugged in our intranet, presumably for safety reasons.
    But then when not on our intranet these peripherals become allowed, because when we are 'on the move' we do need to add 3G cards etc.

    So, now I just unplug this damned ethernet cable before connecting the playbook via usb, and then, the PC finding itself in the 'tolerant' mood, everything goes well.

    The only drawbacks are that I lose all intranet connections (bother for email during a long backup) and if I need to transfer a document from an intranet server I now have to copy it locally first. But that I'd almost call minor...

    Thank you again, I'll try your apps, specially ghost commander that I remember having used already before.

    07-17-12 08:33 AM