1. therealjoeblow's Avatar
    When I connect my PB to my Laptop at work (which is on a domain network), it connects very quickly, and auto maps the PB to the Z: drive (using the USB cable). No issues with that, I can browse the folders, install and uninstall sideloaded apps, etc.

    However, when I try to connect the same way with teh same laptop at home (and just a regular internet connection) which is NOT on the domain network, it either doesn't connect at all, or if it does, it takes forever to actually make a connection, and the drive never auto maps, I have to use \\169.254.x.x to get to the device, and DDPB appears to connect after a *loooong* period of time, but installing and uninstalling apps fails most of the time, sometimes it works if I try 3 or 4 times but not always.

    Can anyone tell me why it won't connect out of the office properly and how this annoying bug can be fixed?

    Many thanks
    The REAL Joe
    10-08-12 07:56 PM
  2. GeneralHerzog's Avatar
    I just use file:\\insert ip addy here, and go. Then I save the connection as HomePB and the one at work is ........yup, WorkPB
    My work (also a network) and home take the same time to connect.

    Try 'file:\\' before the ip and see if that makes a diff.
    10-08-12 09:40 PM

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