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    The PB comes in useful in very unexpected ways....

    Unfortunately had to make a flying visit to the countryside today, as mother's husband was just diagnosed as terminally ill

    Did the hospital visit, helped mother with some administration, we were both pretty cut up

    Asked mother, what normally cheered her up - she said classic old movies, especially Bogart ones.....

    Rushed out to my car, grabbed my briefcase, and yes! Casablanca was on my PB!!

    Hooked up the PlayBook via HDMI, put the BB in Remote Control mode, and away we went...

    Result: one very cheered up mother!

    The video quality on Casablanca is pretty pants because it is such an old film - to demonstrate how good the video quality can be (I rip my films to full h264 - so the file sizes are c. 2Gb) I put on a favourite world cinema movie.... Betty Blue (oops - forgot about all the sex in the opening scene!..... had to quickly explain it was French & Artistic, and that I don't watch pornos.....)

    [Note: I did buy mother a DVD player and a load of classic DVDs a few years ago - tonight she shamefacedly admitted that one of the dogs had run off with the remote control and they were never able to watch any of the films I got her...]
    06-11-12 11:06 PM