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    Well, after fooling around with Playbook, VirtualBox on my Ubuntu 10.10 (using an XP virtual machine), and BB Desktop Software (latest version)...I finally got the software to work with the playbook from within virtualbox 4.1.8. I had searched and found very few posts on this subject (mostly re: BB phones - not the playbook). I did not find a single post of anyone who was able to do this.

    The good news is: I was successful in being able to get the s/w to detect the PB within Vbox, and was able to do a full backup, etc. All BB Desktop Software functions work as expected. Sweet.

    The bad news: I tried so many different things that I'm not entirely sure what it was that finally got it to work! lol. Sorry about that. But at least anyone who is interested in doing this now knows for certain that it'll work.

    First, I downloaded and installed the BB software. I could not get the software to recognize the Playbook no matter what I tried. At various times XP installed drivers ("found new hardware") - but they didn't. XP also at one point added a network connection (which wasn't necessary and didn't help either).

    I believe the first important thing was to change the PB's USB Connections setting to Automatically Detect (not Windows, not Mac - I had tried each separately).

    I had EHCI enabled in the Vbox USB config (but I had tried w/o too). That setting wasn't the issue.

    But here's the other thing I believe was important. Before starting the xp Vbox machine, that last time, I went into vbox settings and manually added TWO usb filters. I had seen the first one before, but this time there were two instead of one. Instead of it just being Rim Network Device [0001], I also got Rim Disk Drive [0200]. I added both of those filters. Then when I fired up the software and plugged in the usb cable, for the first time I got the "installing drivers" message on the playbook instead of the other message (connected to PC or whatever) and XP acted differently too. Then I think I enabled the USB filter in vbox AFTER the usb cable was plugged in but before running the software? I'm really not sure what the sequence was (plugging in the cable, enabling the USB filter, running the BB software), but whatever I did - it finally worked. Play around with the sequence/timing of those few things, and you'll get it. Tomorrow I'll figure out what I did, but I wanted to post before forgetting anything.
    01-02-12 03:14 AM
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    Hi I'm trying since 2 days to do same thing with CenOS (same as Red Hat)
    If I use Centos with Windows on a VM with Windows Host , it works ! I think with Blackberry device manger of the host
    If I use Windows VM on a Centos Host ... it didn't work.
    I try many many thing but nothing works .
    Any Idea ?
    09-06-12 08:44 PM
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    I've successfully used VirtualBox under Ubuntu to backup and upgrade the OS on my PlayBook, Dev Alpha and BlackBerry smartphone. The key points are:

    1) You must use the non-open source version of VirtualBox and install the VirtualBox extensions package (from the VirtualBox website).

    2) With the PlayBook and Dev Alpha, you must blacklist the modules that ubuntu installs when it detects the PlayBook / Dev Alpha. Once you have done this, VirtualBox will see the device correctly.

    I cannot remember off-hand the modules to blacklist, but can take a look when I am back home and post if needed.

    09-07-12 12:25 PM