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    Today I decided to dig into the PB (32 gig) and see what is there. Hooked it to the laptop as a drive and started to investigate. Decided to move some 2 gigs of data such as photos, documents and the like and clean things up. Although I had read elsewhere with that the 10% rule did not apply I ended up with about 15% of free space and the response time, including Web rendering really sped up.

    For you guys who have sidelined lined the PB because it is too slow or not responsive, dig into it and clean off whatever is not needed and you may find new life in the old girl.
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    05-25-14 03:56 PM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip! Good advise indeed. I started from scratch and I still find it a tad slow, but it is an older device compared to newer tablets these days.
    05-25-14 04:06 PM
  3. Brian Levy's Avatar
    I also wiped off almost all the individual icons,moved them to folders on a screen other than the main screen. Do not know if it affects anything but with Windows each desktop icons/shortcut uses 1k bytes.. Also, have deleted I think most of the Android apps that I use only occasionally. Several file managers, media players, games, radio, tv aps all gone. Each step seems to speed it up a hair.
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    05-25-14 07:04 PM

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