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    I searched around and there are so many threads with so many confusing instructions varying between versions, so I would like to resume the facts, and try to recover my PB in the process.

    First I am linking the most accurate article I found in BB for OS 2.0 KB27705

    So most things depend on the version you are running, I have the last one is 2.0.xx (i do not remeber the last numbers), the article doesnt explicit says something about 2.0 but lets supposed it is in the category starting 1.0.5.

    •Standard Blackberry chargers, other AC adapter USB chargers, or computer USB ports are not recommended for charging the PlayBook.

    According to the article, if OS beyon 1.0.5 it will charge if it is off, so no need to "debricking"

    •The device will show a solid red LED, followed by a solid yellow LED as the device boots into charging mode. This is followed by a yellow pulsating LED indicating c
    charging in progress. - This doesn't happens in my PB just 1 red light when pluggin the charger and that is it, left it charging about 24hrs and nothing new, well It reconized the pb on DEsktop manager but I just had the upgrade option, I just downloded 1.2 GB os so I do not want to repeat it.

    well i am open to try anything, please help me.
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    I had trouble with my phone. I had one red light followed by 5 yellow flashes. I would seem that the phone would not charge or turn on. I called bb tech support and they had me try a hard reset where you hold down the power and up and down volume buttons for 20 seconds. And they had me try charging the pb for 4 minutes and unplugging . For 20 seconds. And doing the 10 times. None of it worked. I had to send it in for repair where they sent me either a new one or a refurbished one I had thought that it would not charge because of the usb port was bad I went out and got the pb dock that uses the magnetic charge port but that did not help. Not sure when you got your pb but call rim for help
    05-12-12 04:27 PM
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    GMSM I had many problems with my PB after the 2.0 update. Crashing suddenly and charging difficulties. I had all but given up on revving my PlayBook and was just about to send it back to RIM to fix when My miracle happened. In the past I have up to quickly and been embarrassed by someone else quickly finding a fix so I decided to give her one more go. I pushed the start button in for what seemed a minute and PB woke up from its coma. I was then able to use the usb to pc connection to redo the OS. Then after reading all I could at the BlackBerry Site I decided to totally drain the battery then fully recharged it again resetting the memory of the battery. It is now a week and so far only one crash. The lightening bolt stayed on even after disconnection for a day or so finally disappearing.I use my PB for keeping track of contracts, quotes, billing and scheduling in simple manner with Docs to go so the loss of my device was quite a set back- good thing I backed it up to the pc and with the Box app.. Good luck. You are at the best place for help, CB people are awesome. I have utilized RIM also for help and they are quite good also.
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    I see from my post the auto correct has embarrassed me again. Please excuse the choppy flow as it has a changed word here and there. "Reviving. In the past I have give up" etc. Wife is yelling for me to hurry along so we can go and I missed the bad grammar.
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    yeah my wife doesn't give peace of mind neither.

    I just had my pb for 3 days, 2 days upgrading OS and the third learning to use it then that night was the last goodbye.

    I am in Bolivia South America, I waited to long for it to arrive.

    Johnbolds9700: When you reset the pb with power + vol up + vol down should any led show? I am going to try the 4min charging, 20 sec unpluggin and repeting 10 times.

    PTZ please describe me by steps how you did this : "I decided to totally drain the battery then fully recharged it again resetting the memory of the battery.".

    PD. crackberry forums helped me faster than bb forums. When an update with app world didn't work with pearl, even in the spanish BB forum one administrator told me I was wrong to tell it was a known issue, 2 weeks later bb release it as a know issue. they solution "downgrade" was in crackberry forums the same day it happened.
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    First thing is to get PB to come back on. I pushed on my start button for a minute and all of a sudden it came back to life. I do not know of away to drain the battery other than by running it down. So getting it started is priority one. I will read at the RIM Site about PlayBook and see if there is something I have missed. Hey I feel for you man. Frustration is not fun, hang in there PlayBook is a good device. There are troubleshooting answers at the BlackBerry Site. Have you called them. I received good advice for my problems there.
    05-13-12 08:38 PM
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    I reread your posts and went to the main BlackBerry Site to sift through the info there. I found the link you have posted and it seems like you have found the most pertinent information for your problem. It often is just some small thing that prevents our solving a problem. You probably know more about computers and tech than me so I am kind of over my head here. My break through was first to get it back on then to reinstall the OS then after it was functioning I dealt with the battery not holding a charge by leaving it on until it died, then doing a full recharge. It works now. My fingers are crossed for you.
    05-13-12 09:12 PM
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    PTZ Thank you very much for the help, I am beliving you are the only one who cares about this problem.

    Well try the 2 min charge 15 secs unpluged for about 1 hour twice. I left it unplugged all night long, then plugged all day long, arrive from work and nothing happens.

    I see no red light ur other color, at the begining on may 10th I could see 1 red light now nothing. I jus tried pushing the power buttom for about 1min then for about 2min and nothing.

    I am in Bolivia South America, so I have no number to call.

    Do not know what else to try, I am so ashamed my coworkers are so much into apple or android when they saw it 2 guys decided to buy a playbook but they do not know what happened to me, my wife is into apple, just she knows about my broken pb.
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    Stack Charging:

    "stack" charging, 6 cycles of charge no charge, for 2 minutes each, charging for never more than 2 minutes.
    Then put it on the charger and let it charge.. will take around 2hrs with the OEM Playbook Rapid charger (magnetic end) or longer with the OEM Playbook wall charger.
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    Thanks for your reply JAFOBABE .

    I only have PB wall charger, In amazon magnetic charger has 4 stars, some users had issues with it, I am afraid to buy it, anyway it will take about a month to get my to my city

    So with wall charger 2min charging, 2 min no charge should I see any light on the led, after 6 cycles what should I do?Press power buttom for 20sec, or just 5 sec?
    05-15-12 11:28 PM
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    After the cycles of 6 times, you should see a red light.... if you do, plug it to the PB wall charger and just leave it alone for about 3 hours.

    Then try to power on.
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    gmsm any results? I am glad to see some others offer advice. The PlayBook really is a great device and worth the effort. I am not a tech person so I battle the learning curve. You say there is no number to call for help?
    05-16-12 07:33 AM
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    So yersterday Blackberry updated their 2 KB (KB26808,KB27705 )with
    KB26808-The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is unable to charge when powered off

    KB27705-BlackBerry PlayBook Power - Battery charge and discharge characteristics

    First I left it conected to the wall charger for 30 hours, then I unplugged and pluged I saw the Led flash red for about 20 secs, I let it charging for 12 hours and that was it, I arrived home unplugged and the PB was ON, didn't lose anything. I have the last OS, I never saw the icons described in the KB.

    Yeah in Bolivia there are no numbers to call. anyways thanks for your help,jafobabe I couldn't try your solution.
    05-18-12 09:41 AM
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    I have experienced the same problem before. My PlayBook's battery died and wouldn't turn on even after 12 hours of charging.

    My solution was to get the latest BB Desktop Software and do a full restore. It took a while to reset it to factory condition but it unbricked my PlayBook. I believe there is an article on CrackBerry that shows how to do the reset. Hope this helps!
    05-18-12 10:03 AM
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    For me my solution i did this. You need to plug into the wall as soon as the red light turns on connected to your computer with the Blackberry desktop manger open.
    After it wont be able to connect so try to update.... now leave it connected to the computer for about 5-10 min. (Dont worry what the desktop manger says)

    Come back and now connect it to the wall charger, the screen should turn on with the red battery signal and the led starts to glow yellow. And there it is it charging. you just have to wait.

    How do i know it works i just did it. If this works for you leave a reply or thanks so i know. Good luck !

    No Reset needed.
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