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    Yesterday at work people were discussing tablets and in the midst of the iPad conversation I mentioned my Playbook. Another colleague said, "You have a Playbook? That's Blackberry, right? I heard that's a really good tablet!"

    Of course, I've had the thing every day at work since the first day it came out, but no one noticed it before because I have it in a Dodo case with Harley Davidson stickers on it so it looks like a book.

    I told her (and everyone in listening range) that it's about to become so much better and I mentioned some of the OS2 features coming soon. Then the iPad owners all - at once it seemed - started discussing the pitfalls of their iPads.

    I just smiled. It used to be my dirty little secret... but I think PB's time has come
    01-17-12 11:25 AM
  2. cntrydncr223's Avatar
    here, here!
    (big cheesy grins)
    01-17-12 11:30 AM
  3. diego.roscetti's Avatar
    I love reading stories like this. We have to get the Playbook out and recognized, and why (IMO) it is superior than the iPad!!!

    Thanks for the story
    01-17-12 11:35 AM
  4. missing_K-W's Avatar
    I have a co-worker that loves "BIG" girls.....He doesn't want to be known as a "chubby chaser"....He is a bit emabarassed. I tell that boy , you gotta own it! Say it loud and say it proud, own the fact you like'm "BIG"!!!!!!!

    Now on to the PB. The PB is a little gem....Spread the fact it is great and "own it"!!!!!!
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    01-17-12 11:35 AM
  5. alistairtang's Avatar
    i don't know why but i like the PB being an unknown gem!
    it's nice knowing what we have is special (and kinda exclusive) and not everyone owns it unlike an ipad haha but that's just my opinion

    however, i am glad because it hopefully means more developers and more apps, etc
    i guess something this good could never stay a secret forever
    01-17-12 12:06 PM
  6. tony123ny's Avatar
    i have the same situation at work. and most times i get the, "why do you still have a blackberry? get wit the time."when i first got my playbook everyone would say, "why did you get that? it cant do this and cant do that, what games does it have what apps? should have gotten an android tablet or ipad like us." then one day everyone wanted / needed to go online and no one had wifi access. then they all turn to me and see that im browsing away getting stuff done and they all say "hey can we get on your wifi for a little while? ours apps arent working and we cant get online, no wifi" with a smile on my face, i pulled out my bold 9650 (at the time. now its a 9930) and put it on the table next to me and said "sure, just bridge your tablet to your phone like this and you cause use your phone's internet to browse and use your apps for free like me...wait, oh you dont have a blackberry or a playbook do you? damn so much for old technology, tragic." lol
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    01-17-12 12:25 PM
  7. ronelectronic's Avatar
    Everyone in my school owns an ipad, now when i get out my playbook out everyone is amazed with the UI and 7 inch form =D Go Playbook!!!
    01-17-12 01:04 PM
  8. hpjrt's Avatar
    Well I bring my Playbook to work. This week, it's just Hubby and I in the office, and I've had the Playbook tuned to my favourite radio station [can't do that on an iPad because it requires Flash] ... except for when I caught up on this week's Bones episode by streaming from Global TV on the Playbook. [Note: Global doesn't stream flawlessly, but the frequent pauses didn't bug me too much.]
    01-17-12 01:10 PM
  9. Alex_Hong's Avatar
    most of my friends are not tech savvy, and most are ios users. But all of them were impressed by the playbook. even those with ipads. Even one of my ex-colleague who still work in retail for apple products were extremely impressed and tempted to get one.

    out of the 6 initial employee back when i first started that job, 3 using blackberry now, only 2 on iphone and the only person still working there is using a samsung google nexus.
    01-17-12 01:42 PM
  10. diegonei's Avatar
    Out of the closet! here, here!
    01-17-12 01:49 PM
  11. SK122387's Avatar
    It was only a matter of time until stories like these became more frequent. Aside from my 9900 and 9810, my PlayBook is the best thing I've ever spent money on. I bought my PlayBook at full price back in May, almost $700 (32GB). I could have bought an iPad, all of us could have.. but we chose the Little Engine That Could. If my PlayBook broke today, and my iPod touch broke today, and I only had like $300 to spend, I'd be off to the store to get another PlayBook. It hasn't been a let-down to me in any way.

    This Little Engine is picking up more steam every day, I hope you're all ready for February!
    01-17-12 02:38 PM
  12. persona_crazy's Avatar
    nice .... told my co works... 8 got 16 gigs now
    01-17-12 02:58 PM