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    So I'm browsing the Net, using the stock browser. I have 4 tabs opened, no multimedia playing on any tab, except for flash ads. No other app is running, and only wi-fi is on (no bluetooth or bridge). Things are kinda slow, but that's my usual experience with the browser.

    I try to open the "Files & Folders" app, which gives me a "low memory" warning. So I check: There is only 130 Mo available. I close everything and it goes back up to some 500 Mo.
    So I rebooted the tablet. Right after boot, with nothing running, I get only 615 Mo available; which slowly goes down to 568 Mo.

    Is this normal? That seems pretty low to me...
    Is there a way to improve memory usage?
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    09-22-12 01:31 PM
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    Quite much so, I'm afraid.

    And depending on the OS version you are, it gets even worse. That's why I'm running beta. 840. Official. 354 does not know what it is doing with the memory for the better part of it.


    So, the other day, I managed to do a "secure wipe" - it only cleared a few settings and emptied user folders, but all apps, saves, settings and options were safe. How did I do this? I turned demo mode on under Options > General.

    It will, I repeat, it will delete your images, music, videos, ebooks, ps games, cbz comic books and whatever else it can (didn't touch documents, but I wouldn't count on that).

    After the boot, I could tell that all memory management issues were gone. I don't. Know if my "secure wipe" was a fluke or if it really fixed things by clearing the file system.

    So, there you have my secret. Try at your own risk. You can never go wrong by making a backup.
    09-22-12 01:43 PM
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    Try running FireFox on PC with 4 tabs and check how much memory its using. High memory consumption is the nature of tabbed browsing on any OS.

    Most of it is related to Google analytic and advertising scripts that's why a plugin like No Script for FireFox would be great.

    Try turning off Javascript and Flash in browser settings and clear cache and local storage in settings to open more tabs.
    09-22-12 02:37 PM
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    Another thing you can do to vet a bit more memory is open as many programs as possible until they start closing on their own. After this is done don't open any android programs. This will free up a couple hundred mb's of ram without having the Android runtime in the background. This should help with your low memory warnings a bit, however, when you have multiple tabs open in a Web browser with flash enabled you are gonna start crawling along, this is because flash is very processor intensive. Even with your home pc if you open enough tabs in any browser with flash in each tab it will eventually bog down. however since flash on pc's is encoded to use video card capabilities then it will take a fair amount now a days. Unfortunately tablets are not as far along as that so you will notice more tasking restrictions.
    Another option you can do to help performance a bit is to change your playbook settings to "paused" in the general settings.
    Hope this helps a bit.
    09-22-12 03:31 PM
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    Thanks all for the answers and tips. I guess at least now I know the answer to my 1st question: Yes, it's normal. Though I still find starting up with only 600 Mo free is a bit low (that means the OS takes 400 Mo, 0r 40%, on idle).

    I was surprised because the app that I have running in the background the most constantly is the browser, and I usually have multiple tabs opened, plus usually a few more apps running at the same time. Yet, this was the 1st time that I got this low memory warning. That's why I was wondering if something had changed.
    09-22-12 04:46 PM