1. GeneralHerzog's Avatar
    Just got my new toy today (FINALLY)

    I intend on trying it around the city (Calgary) but here is my first result from my mancave. This is just an LTE test via Rogers.

    I'm hoping to see better speeds out and about.
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    08-17-12 09:07 PM
  2. mikeo007's Avatar
    Which provider?
    08-17-12 09:13 PM
  3. GeneralHerzog's Avatar
    Sorry, Rogers. (updated the post)
    08-17-12 09:35 PM
  4. aha's Avatar
    was that kbps or kBps?
    08-17-12 10:27 PM
  5. pacoman03's Avatar
    was that kbps or kBps?
    Speedtest app measures kbps (bits)
    08-18-12 01:12 AM
  6. GeneralHerzog's Avatar
    Here's another from inside a mall (Chinook Centre- figured most people would surf from a food court and what better place to try than a mall with tons of steel all around)

    2 megs better than before, but the upload didn't change that much.
    08-18-12 09:30 AM
  7. wxmancanada's Avatar
    On your first screen grab, that's 4G (3G)... Change it to "4G LTE" and you'll see a speed boost. I'd also recommend not using that app, it's faulty to say the least. I'd recommend using speedtest.net

    Attached are 3 speed tests on LTE last night in Ottawa, looks like a bit of work needs to be done on the network side. When we first flipped the switch for LTE in Ottawa last year we were seeing speeds of 45-60 down and about 35-40 up. Even on my LTE hub I'm seeing these lower speeds.
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    08-18-12 10:23 AM
  8. wxmancanada's Avatar
    On the other hand, here are results from a test just a few minutes ago. This seems to be a more standard speed lately. When LTE first launched there were under 100 users on it, now, well the speeds are throttled back a bit.
    08-18-12 10:40 AM
  9. GeneralHerzog's Avatar
    Here's today's test. The download is pretty sweet, twice my home connection. The upload could be better.
    Can't wait for Rogers to expand the coverage!!!
    09-08-12 05:07 PM
  10. mikeo007's Avatar
    Damn... that DL is almost as fast as my home internet. Too bad LTE still costs a fortune.
    09-08-12 05:47 PM