1. 312Lorden's Avatar
    Ever notice it? I really love my PB (oh, I'm a newbie, and maybe this is typical of a new romance where things haven't worn out yet?) but I find that sometimes when I type certain characters, they don't appear. One example is the apostrophe ('). For example, when I key in BC for British Columbia, and the screen shows "But Clic." Another time it is "B. Click." Is this a touch sensitivity thing (I use a stylus pen) or some strange quirk of PB (text or context anticipation?).

    Any one experience strange characters showing up on keypad?
    10-18-12 04:42 PM
  2. kbz1960's Avatar
    Post some screen shots.
    10-18-12 05:06 PM
  3. madman0141's Avatar
    The PlayBook must be tamed and must be taught to do what you want it to do. What did you think you bought an Ipad
    Sometimes the keyboard gets a little tricky lets say but the more you use it the less problems you will have. Soon it will recongnize B.C. and all will be good until you do a security wipe then back to day one.
    10-18-12 05:07 PM
  4. rmpb's Avatar
    I have occasional issues with it wanting to put a period. I think it's the space bar that's a little too sensitive and when you double space it thinks you're at the end of a sentence so it puts a period and turns caps on to start a new sentence. Over time you'll get used to the keyboard and it doesn't happen as often. The "But Clic" etc sis likely something to do with the auto-complete options and I can't help you there because I have it turned off.
    10-18-12 10:17 PM
  5. 312Lorden's Avatar
    rmpb: I think the "return" key, like most, if not all, computers does the same thing, i.e., begins the next typed character capitalized because it thinks you are starting a new paragraph. Hey madman, no problem taming the shrew. You know the ending of that one.
    10-19-12 02:18 PM
  6. 312Lorden's Avatar
    [QUOTE=rmpb;7683981 The "But Clic" etc sis likely something to do with the auto-complete options and I can't help you there because I have it turned off.[/QUOTE]

    Or predictive text. It's trying to outguess the operator's intentions.
    11-02-12 11:58 PM
  7. 312Lorden's Avatar
    Anyone else with this problem?I can't be just one of two persons.
    11-07-12 06:39 PM

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