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    Hello I got a problem, I will be in Pakistan for two months and my PB will not have any internet. I dont know anyone in my family who have blackberry data plans. But Is there a way to hook up a wifi connection with a phone through bluetooth? If so What Pakistani Cell company should i go with and what plan? Link plz.

    This post is very limited only for people from India and Pakistan I do apologize, but yeah im from Canada and here I have Wifi anywhere. but like there not alot of people for wifi.

    If anyone knows any good Pakistani Cell companies that give sims with any data plans plz post.
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    06-24-12 01:43 PM
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    try this website - online pakistan mobile telecom news site
    Telecom and IT news from Pakistan
    06-24-12 01:48 PM
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    You could always bridge, I know it has limitations but it's better than nothing.
    06-24-12 04:59 PM
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    pakistan telecom, technologies, laptops, computers, mobiles, software and all kind of technology information at

    Technology pakistan
    08-29-12 03:08 AM
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    Be careful that you do not burn your PB while there
    08-30-12 03:04 AM
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    You should be able to pick up a MiFi (Cellular hosted WiFi) gadget fairly easily.
    08-30-12 05:21 AM
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    Use wifi on this network for best speed
    Ufone 3G Packages and Details
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    04-10-18 02:44 AM