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    ok guys,

    Whilst I appreciate this is not a complaint, a grumble about RIM, about anything 'new' or exciting, about BB10 or even 2.1 beta I just wanted to share this. As a forum I believe we need to share our celebrations & our issues to resolve amongst peers.

    Right I am a new PB fan. I have crowed to everyone about its magic, having converted from android near to 3 weeks ago due to the UK price drop. However it gets much better. Yesterday we purchased our 2nd 64gb PB for the house - this one for my wife & her work.

    Amazing thing 1 - using the free Citrix Receiver in app world she can log straight into her VNC (she works on a virtualised desktop) - which is windows based, & do everything she needs on the go. But for our family it is much better.

    Next, after reading on here about hooking up BT mice & keyboards I first of all dragged out an old Mac BT mouse I had lying around. Works fab. Then I won a new iLuv BT keyboard off the net, which arrived this morning. Whilst it is 'designed' for iPad it paired straight away. With the HDMI cable all setup my family & I have enjoyed playing the PB games through the TV, surfing the web, watching HD youtube vids, the kids playing some online children's flash games & more inbetween. Just for a laugh we even did a video chat.

    Adding all of this together it is an AMAZING unit. You cannot do all of this with such ease, clarity, precision, or excellence on any other device imo. Business use, hooking up with peripherals (for planes, trains, etc), fun with the kids, I am amazed, in LOVE, and thankful for this.

    So there you go. I hope not to be flamed for being so damn positive but I am! I would NEVER go back now. Plus with the 3-year instant replacement policies we now have if ANYTHING happens we'll just get a brand new one instantly.

    Gushing over, and no I've not been paid for this!
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    09-15-12 08:33 AM