1. barbarianthemadserb's Avatar
    So, after leaving my PBs to dust (both 32 and 64GB) I decided for s..itts n giggles to combine my PB and my Freedom Pop device.
    The Freedom pop has two versions-version one is for Sprint's Wimax and version two is for Sprint's 3G/LTE.
    Freedom Pop gives me free 500 Mbs/month on each of the two devices I have. So now I can use my wifi version of PB coupled with the Freedom Pop device to get OTA wimax/3g/LTE.
    Of course Sprint does not exactly have the best coverage but that is okay as I have my other Berries on TMO and a couple of devices on Page Plus (Verizon lines). I love this tech stuff! Freedom Pop, to me, sorta breathes new life into my PBs.
    Freedom Pop runs on Clearwire lines so to speak and this is what Sprint rents their wimax lines from. Of course Sprint has their own 3g/LTE (I am not sure but they may even rent these lines from Clearwire ??)
    I know I know, I have too many tech gadgets to play with. lol
    06-09-14 06:39 AM
  2. Adam Fox2's Avatar
    I just got FreedomPop about 2 weeks ago! So far its been great and I already have Freedom Pop Friends giving me 1GB of data for this month...not sure how it carries over but I am using an HTC Evo 3D with Tetherfy app so I can tether as well ....
    06-09-14 11:58 AM

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