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    The title says it all. Anyone else having this problem? Don't remember it from the previous bridge (pre .75). After about 15-20 mins the pb disconnects on its own, whether or not I'm doin anything on it. If I try to reconnect it catches for a split second then drops then a big messags pops up and says bridge is disconnected. Its atating to drve me crazy,!!!!!

    01-08-12 07:00 AM
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    Hmmm. I'm no expert but have you checked the Properties of your Bluetooth connection? If everything looks as it should, I'd be tempted to unpair my phone, (maybe even restart the PB) and to then setup the pairing again.

    On that note, have you tried just a plain old restart? Remember the addage, If all else fails, reboot.
    01-08-12 07:15 AM
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    Forgot to add. The only way I can make it work again is if I restart the pb
    01-08-12 08:11 AM
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    Just make sure of a few things.

    - delete your Bridge app from BB phone. Do a battery pull, then restart your BB. Then get the bridge app from rorry, not from the app world.
    - Make sure you have the correct version downloaded from rorry- if your BB is running OS5,6, or7 get the equivalent bridge version.
    - After you have downloaded the correct bridge version, do a battery pull on your BB again, reboot.
    - Now pair your PB and BB, and give bridge a shot.

    This should fix your problem. If it dosent work, before you do the above steps, delete the BB-PB pairing from the PB, i.e.unpair/delete the bluetooth connection between the devices. After this step your BB should not show up on the PB as a paired device under bluetooth connection.

    After that do the above steps and then create a 'new' bluetooth pair between your devices, and then establish the bridge connection. If this also fails,after performing all the steps above do a hard reset of your PB.
    Hard reset= hold down the power, volume +- both buttons down for 10 seconds until the PB shut off, wait for a minute and then restart.

    Finally, make sure that your BB and PB are having decent charge and that you are not far away from your BB while using the bridge.

    Hoping this fixes your problems. Good luck
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    01-08-12 09:41 AM
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    I hardly ever have this issue and if it happens it is fault of the router not PB
    01-08-12 09:52 AM