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    Just got my 64Gb PB and have been enjoying myself setting it up. And then I noticed something weird.
    With the tablet on a USB charger for the night, I switched it to standby instead of turning it off because I understood it wouldn't charge otherwise. A short while later, it turned back on. So I put it back to standby. Same story, and also the home screen would slide up and down in and out of the running task view. I kind of got the impression that it was reacting to ambient light changes, sometimes even launching apps when I reached over to press the power button (without touching the glass AFAIK). I never saw it go back to standby (I searched but couldn't find an option to achieve that, so it's set to go to standby after 5min idle).
    Switching off WiFi had no effect; BT was already off; a reboot didn't solve anything, only switching to airline mode seems to have made the standby mode stick.

    What's going on here? I've seen other posts about insomniac PBs, but they're quite dated, and I don't see how a BT device (I have a Magic Trackpad paired with my Mac, exclusively AFAIK) could interfere with the device when BT is off on the PB!

    Thanks in advance,
    09-24-12 07:59 PM
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    Either your charging cable is plugged into a wall outlet that is not stable, or you have the stand and PB too close to your TV.

    Try moving the charger and PB to a different area of your house and see if that helps.

    aOh, and Welcome to the forums!
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    09-24-12 08:25 PM
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    Welcome to the forums! ^^^^ jafobabe has the most likely solution... Many times an electrical outlet prone to slight undervolt/overvolt variations while charging can cause this... I also would add to clean the screen and keep it on a firm level surface as well.

    What's going on here? I've seen other posts about insomniac PBs, but they're quite dated
    In regards to this portion of your comment I just want to say the date of posts and solutions won't matter here. The PB's hardware has been constant through its life cycle except for the newer PB4G, so unless you are having an issue related to the current OS you are using, do not discount a post, its solutions, or comments based upon the date of creation...

    Which leads me to my next question: What OS are you running??
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    09-24-12 09:24 PM
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    Thanks for the answers and the welcome!

    I'd have taken your power line suggestion as the likely answer if the issue had not been 'solved' by switching to airline mode. Would that mode reduce the power draw why simply deactivating wifi and BT doesn't? I cannot exclude the cheap charger I was using; I bought my tablet from in the UK and only got the local wall plug on the charger which won't work here in France. I'll try on different socket though, and with a Motorola phone charger and cable.

    As to the OS version: first thing I did was restore the tablet through the desktop app (and then update online) as said app couldn't connect to the PB. Didn't solve that issue btw - I'm on a Mac (10.6.8) and I've since read on CNet that the app no longer works?! Could be that it's the cable, but the Chrome App Manager extension works fine (though slow as molasses). Would be really nice to get the thing to connect over USB rather thannto have to transfer over wifi!!
    09-25-12 03:01 AM
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    Or maybe it's ghosts
    09-25-12 03:11 AM
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    Just to back up what the others are saying about your power source, I tried an "inexpensive" 12v to 110v converter in my truck. My Playbook went nuts. Homescreens flipping and apps opening and closing.
    09-25-12 04:20 AM
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    Behaviour seems to be better with the Moto charger on different socket, with the Mac still asleep. Now trying to get the tablet to sync on an Acer netbook running Win7 64 Home Premium. It connected a couple of times but yelled about media sync connection issues ... and the stopped even pretending to take charge from the netbook. Still charges on the Moto charger though.

    Why is it that everytime I try to step away from Apple I regret their 'it just works' prowess?
    09-25-12 04:46 AM
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    So I found a nice manual way to mount the PB over USB on my Mac. Just figure out the local IP address it gets on the USB network interface, and use that to connect via Samba. Ping shows round trip times under 1ms over USB but on the order of (many) tens of ms via the WiFi interface! BTW, I also noticed that a 'double' USB cable that draws power from 2 of my laptop's USB ports can charge the tablet while using it - but I guess that's common knowledge?

    As a result I discovered something else: all the music content I'd copied into media/music has also shown up in media/misc/android/Music. Samba of course shows them as separate files even if they're potentially Unix-style links on the tablet, but deleting a file from the android repertory does not cause it to disappear from media/music. What's going on here?
    09-25-12 06:58 AM
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    I would think you can use the charger it came with but just purchase the adapter that changes the plug from British to French - just a SHAPE changer and not a voltage changer.
    09-25-12 08:48 AM
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    Sure, if that can be bought separately for less than the price of a full charger ...
    09-25-12 02:03 PM
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    Sure, if that can be bought separately for less than the price of a full charger ...
    I would guess a "hardware" store or pharmacy in a Touristy area might have them as tourists generally need such adapters and they are usually quite cheap.

    This is the type:

    WA-9 Grounded Shucko Universal Outlet Plug Adapter for Germany, France and more
    09-25-12 02:49 PM
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    Oh, right .... thought you meant the wall outlet bit of the original adapter ...
    09-25-12 02:59 PM