1. VillHamp's Avatar
    Im happy that I jumped on the BB-train. I still just have a playbook, but im going for the q10 when it hits Sweden or maby as early as Germany or France get it.

    An other thing, for all of you that have a BB-phone as well, what about if BB made one version for phone users syncing ala old 1.0 style but newer and more modern. Then one version if you want it for a tablet use only...? Maby there could be two download options... Its not fun to have 3-4 units geting the same emails when it coms to deleting.
    The syncing can surley be more effective or differemt, I dont know anything about it, not more then Ive seen on you tube=). But it is one of the reasons I like to have the Q10 phone- among mush others!

    Why need we a full blown system on PB, I think 1gb is enough.
    02-09-13 04:20 AM
  2. PeterRei's Avatar
    You just have to limit the open Apps running in the background.
    As for the syncing: could be done by BlackBerry as service together with contacts and calender. That's what BBID in its new form is for.
    02-09-13 05:00 AM
  3. VillHamp's Avatar
    Ok, thanks!
    Fun times ahead.
    02-11-13 11:51 AM

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