03-08-15 10:30 AM
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    I ordered the DLink ip cam over ebay (DCS-825L). It was a little more expensive then I wanted but still cheaper than a traditional baby monitor. The price is probably higher because it is marketed as a baby monitor but my wife was more comfortable with a product like this plus it has good app support for android/ios (not BB).

    The plan is to use the playbook as the main monitor using the app TinyCam Pro which is compatible with this cam and the playbook. The added perks is that we can also monitor from our BlackBerry phones (using same app) or ipads/ipod using official DLink app.

    I will update when I get it to see how well it works. Baby comes in the summer so I have lots of time to figure it out.

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    02-06-15 12:32 PM
  2. all3n7's Avatar
    Baby monitor, I've done it.

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    02-06-15 07:59 PM
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    I got the wifi cam. TinyCam pro is definitely needed. Dlink does not have official support its android app opens and you can control a few things in the app but there is no video/sound so it sort of defeats the purpose.

    TinyCam pro works fine and is able to monitor this cam. There is only one issue and that is the cam supports 2-way audio but the app does not support this feature with the Dlink cam. Not really a big deal and I can live with it.

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    02-26-15 10:03 PM
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    I use my Playbook like that. I just video call from the PB to my Q10. No app, just the video chat on the PB.

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    03-08-15 07:14 AM
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    Yes it works good. U live in US?

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    I have a similar setup, but use ipviewer and a few clink 942

    My question to you is,
    How do you keep the PlayBook screen lit up all the time?

    I have a work around, but it's not that great. (use Stay On app and keep both apps minimized and turn on Showcase mode on playbook)

    What's your solution?

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    03-08-15 07:21 AM
  6. DamianWarS's Avatar
    It's a baby monitor so I don't need to stare at it all the time it just needs to trigger an alert with a certain level of noise. I use an alarm clock app that keeps the screen on as well as enabling showcase mode which ensures all running apps are active. If you want to view the video you need to swipe to multitasker mode by swiping from the bottom of the screen. Then ensure a piece of an app to keep the screen alive is viewable. There is also a trick with switching left and right by dragging 2 fingers (not one) from the sides all the way to the other side which glitches something and ensures the app stays open (as long as again a piece of a keep alive app is viewable)

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