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    Hi guys, got some quick questions.

    First of all, I use different BBID on both my PB and Bold 9900.
    But both BBID linked to the same PayPal account that I own.
    There is no problem purchasing apps with it, I used it to buy 9MM, StarfrontL Collision, Smart Office 2, and My Remote Desktop Connection.
    But I never could do the In-App purchase such as when playing Robotek. This problem occurs to me a couple months ago, tried contacting Robotek, but still unable to buy Power/Coins.
    Nevertheless, I finished the game so I forgot about this for a while.
    Then I started playing Stick Tennis. I finish the 1st set, and trying to buy All Four 2012 Slams. Again, the same problem occurs.
    This really bothers me much, because unlike Robotek, I could not enjoy the game without do the in-app purchase.

    Does someone have the same problem?
    Any solutions?
    11-01-12 04:52 AM

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