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    Is clearly the security. Even Apple wasn't able to avoid their devices being jailbroken (essentially hacked). For Government and Enterprise customers, security is the biggest concern, and RIM better take advantage of that and keep it with them.

    Not really news but here we go - Canada News: Ottawa wedded to Blackberry for better or worse - thestar.com

    As much as I enjoy the rooting exploit (for Android Market, mainly) it must be blocked and not allowed in the future, and that could be an important factor in PB and RIM's future.
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    12-22-11 12:01 PM
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    Agree. I enjoyed for about a year having my old OG Droid rooted, but I gotta tell you after a while it just doesn't run the same. I don't know what happens but when the new ROM gets installed it runs like a champ after a while the ROM just begins to crash, lag etc. Not sure if the same applies to the PB, I just really like not having to worry about being able to do that. I am junkie when it comes to tinkering!!! I need help.
    12-22-11 12:04 PM