1. dangrgrl's Avatar
    I'm begging for help here.... Was using my beloved 16 Gb Playbook last night without issue. Got the battery at 9% or less warning, so plugged it in. This morning, I powered it up, but I noticed it took longer, and the 'rainbow orbs' were repeating, or out of order, going back to yellow from purple. The 'wallpaper' screen appears, but the password box will not pop up, and I can't raise the keyboard. I've tried rebooting by holding the power button for 20 seconds on several occasions, without luck. I tried connecting to it via desktop manager, but it does not see the playbook. I am lucky to have a second 64 Gb playbook as well, and tried to video chat with the 16 Gb one, again with no luck. I have both the regular charger and a rapid charger and tried charging with both (in case the micro USB was the problem). Still no luck.

    I have some very important files that I can't afford to lose on the 16 Gb playbook. Any help you can provide to get the 16 Gb one back up and running would earn you hero/heroine status.

    My plan B - I have a backup from October that I did on the 16 Gb playbook. Can I 'restore it' to as yet unused 64 Gb one? Some of the videos and pictures will be in the back up I hope, although I really don't know what gets backed up to begin with.

    Sincerely hopeful,
    02-22-14 02:33 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Ok look in your computer under My Documents, for a folder that is named the same as your PB's PIN, it MAY contain the files you are looking for. If so you can copy them to the surviving PB. Or just view/play them on your PC.

    02-27-14 01:07 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    Can you hook it up to an hdmi port on a tv and see if there's something lurking behind your wallpaper screen? Is it bridged to a bb phone or to a bt mouse?

    What does happen when you press and hold the POWER button and try holding it longer.

    Also you can try the 3-finger reset. VOL UP and Down and the POWER button - hold them all and keep holding.
    02-27-14 09:09 PM

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