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    My Brother in law is visiting from out of town and he pulls out a 7inch tablet case. I'm thinking wow what kind of great tablet is he going to show me. My mind is and hands are ready to leave my body to get a hold of it. He hands it to me and I flip the cover open and its a freek'in Pandigital 7 inch 2gb tablet.

    I almost started to laugh..............

    I had never seen one in person but I have seen photo's and listings on ebay.

    It is slow, unresponsive, it has a resistive color screen that is worse than the one on my 6 year old GPS.

    Let me tell the folks reading this I wanted to tell him...... this thing is a real piece of trash

    Anyway........I'm telling him how nice it is and he notices my BlackBerry PlayBook on the table.......(I'm thinking he is not going to feel to good after he picks it up).... he picks it up and he says ..... "wow this feels a lot heavier than mine, how do you turn it on?" I tell him its on...... it is just sleeping. He starts looking at it and says well there are not any buttons just a screen how do you turn it on.

    So I reach over and swipe the screen and his eyes lightup, "Man is that screen nice" he says. I then start to show him what it can do and he is very impressed (kind of like I was when I turned mine on for the first time) I gave him the grand tour showing games, office apps, web browser, hd video I had taken earlier that day then I opened whats up and He remarks this thing is really nice and his cost about $130.00 and mine must be very expensive.

    I then break the news to him 'No it was under 200 bucks. Wow, really, what the heck is this thing.

    Well my friend this is a BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK.

    06-28-12 06:30 PM
  2. TheScionicMan's Avatar
    My wife bought a couple for the kids at BigLots for 60 or 70 a pop. It is an awful tablet experience and don't blame them for not being interested. Ours may be lesser models, they're on Android 1.6 or something old like that. I think she's going to eBay them.
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    06-28-12 06:37 PM
  3. Harryl6134's Avatar
    I liked at the Big Lots ads b4 Christmas and was tempted, then my nephew got one for Christmas. I'm glad I waited until February...
    06-28-12 10:24 PM
  4. jostnyc's Avatar
    yeah that tablet sucks big time. bought one for my 6 year old and even she didnt like it. i even rooted it and changed the android os on it. still slow and sucky. we just gave it away for free!
    06-28-12 11:44 PM
  5. kretch's Avatar

    Just got back from a graduation party that my brother in law was also at. Out of the blue he says to me " I'm taking the pandigital tablet back. Were do I get one of those PLAYBOOKS"

    So I direct him to a retailer.

    Another converted soon to be playbook owner.
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    06-30-12 05:17 PM
  6. kdeckels's Avatar
    I had a Coby Kyros that I returned. Probably along the same lines. Night & day with the PB.
    06-30-12 05:30 PM
  7. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Pandigital Tab original suggested retail price: $299.

    BB PB 16g original suggested retail price: $499.

    Currently, you can find the Pandigital Tab for $50 if you know where to look. Why on earth is it being compared to the Playbook?
    06-30-12 05:45 PM
  8. kretch's Avatar
    Update to my story.

    I saw that Buy.com was selling new Playbooks on Ebay for $169.99 with free shipping and I email my brother in law about the deal and he replies back ...."I just ordered one"

    I'm so glad I talked him out of the pandigital by letting my Playbook speak for me and its self.

    07-04-12 02:54 PM
  9. tresvn's Avatar
    I got one of the pandigital tabs for my gf, she uses it to read text books on the train and thats about it. For $50 it can get lost, stolen or dropped on the subway tracks for all we care.
    07-04-12 11:44 PM