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    Today BlackBerry made available for free Pacemaker as their day 6 promotion for their 25 Days of Christmas. It's been great to play around with it. I see in BlackBerry World if I were to buy it for the Playbook I could get it on my z10 for free. Well......since I now already have it on my z10, is there a way to get this app for free on the Playbook?
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    12-06-13 04:21 PM
  2. EchoesFX's Avatar
    The version available for free today is the BB10 only version, and does not include the PlayBook version, while the other version on BBW normally costs more money, but includes licenses for both platforms.

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    12-06-13 04:28 PM
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    Thanks for the clarification

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    12-06-13 10:03 PM

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