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    ok all, I have done countless searching through threads on here and around the web and cannot seem to find a solution. I work in education and am just moving to a new senior position. my new institution have just setupmy new email account etc thru owa webmail. Naturally I want to sync my email and calendar along with my gmail (currently setup on my pb).

    I know how to add anothee account, that isn't the problem. my issue is that whilst I have the webmail server, login,etc. plus also the exchange server address, imap, pop details, the mxc and vmx server addresses nothing I try gets it setup. I have read about not putting https in, not the full address and have tried all combinations. Frustrated, yes, and I just can't find the answers after hours searching.

    so why am I here asking. well I did contact my new IT team about connecting the pb to mail, etc and have been met with nothing but 'duh!?'. plus I sideloaded the android app qowa which picked up my mail, calendar, etc with no probs in seconds...but after hours I'm still stuck with the native system. Whilst qowa is good to quickly access my account, as is a web link on the home screen I cannot access email or calendar to check things whilst offline, which is really important to me.

    so there's my dilemma. any tips, solutions, advice or workaround appreciated. they are using outlook server 2010 I believe.

    sorry for the long post but wanted to explain fully. thanks in advance!

    edit, in addition to a solution if anyone kniws another way to sync owa calendars to the pb calendar that too would be great
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    11-23-12 04:36 PM
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    Now, I could be wrong of course, but if you are syncing your corporate email using webmail owa, I am fairly certain that only the email will sync. Calendar and Tasks will not sync via owa webmail.
    11-23-12 08:01 PM
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    Maybe so - but I can't get anything connected - not email, not calendar, nothing - hence my cry for help
    11-24-12 01:59 AM
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    i have the same problems sometime. Try again in a few days using the exact same exact settings and it might magically work. (also try not using http(s) at all)
    11-24-12 02:51 AM
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    To get my activesync account to work on my PlayBook I had to add the domain setting to the domain field. I got that info from the settings on my phone. Maybe qowa can give you the settings you need?
    11-24-12 03:41 AM
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    @lotuslanderz - can you give me an example of this...i've got a page worth of info from the OWA settings, but none actually specify 'domain'. Not wishing to appear dumb, just want this damn thing to work! Thanks for your help
    11-24-12 06:53 AM
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    @lotuslanderz - can you give me an example of this...i've got a page worth of info from the OWA settings, but none actually specify 'domain'. Not wishing to appear dumb, just want this damn thing to work! Thanks for your help
    You could set up a new account or see if you can add the Domain info to your existing settings:
    Go to Accounts
    add new account
    choose Email, Calendar and Contacts
    usually just adding email address and password works but you can tap on advance setup if it doesnt.
    select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
    In the Account Integration screen, you will see Domain

    If your account is already set up, you can tap on it, then go to Advance Settings. Add the Domain on the screen that pops up.

    If you cant find the domain settings from your phone (if it uses activesync), you may be able to get that info from qowa (I've never used that app so dont know what info it gives you). You could also ask your IT folks for the "Domain".

    Once it's set up, it can take several minutes to get all your mail, contacts and calendar items to populate.

    [edit: you can sometimes see your info displayed as xxx\username. The xxx is the domain.]

    Good luck!!
    11-24-12 11:27 AM
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    thanks - will give this a shot. if not its back to the it folk, but lord knows they ain't bright!
    11-24-12 12:29 PM
  9. bay1902's Avatar
    nope - whatever happens I can't get there. Did some testing with the online exchange connectivity tool, seemed to find that the host address with Microsoft-Server-Activesync on the end gives a new dialog in the browser. I'm close, I know it - guess my search will fail until the 'techs' sort me out. Hate being beaten!
    11-24-12 01:59 PM

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