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    Well, since Microsoft launched outlook.com I tried to use it via Web, but pb browser freeze on a white Page, then we got an update and we can add outlook accounts to native email app on the playbook.
    Today I was looking for some info and I logged into outlook.com and surprise it works!! I'm waiting for the Skype html5 integration!
    Pd: surfing is smooth, no lagging is perfect
    09-23-12 01:55 AM
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    Been using Simple Browser to access it since the changes... Let's try stock browser...

    EDIT: Niiiiice (with a very Bard ascent)

    Second image removed due to privacy (don't want my email showing like that heh, but it works!).
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    09-23-12 02:16 AM
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    Just tested, seems to work fine. I am on .668 and originally the web version did not work, today it does! I have always been able go use it within native apps.

    I don't recall an update coming in so maybe the changes happened on the Microsoft side.
    09-23-12 07:06 AM
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    Must on MS side because I never got an update and it never worked before. I just tried it and it loads!
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    09-23-12 07:43 AM
  5. diegonei's Avatar
    Yes, MS broke it, MS fixed it.
    09-23-12 09:43 AM
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    Scanning my playbook app and noticed your thread. I wasn't up on outlook.com. Used hotmail for a long time now including the hotmail link app for it. I got on outlook.com and used my info to login and bam, my hotmail was converted to outlook.com. Plus the link appears takes me to the new outlook. On top of that I'm an heavy outlook (the application from ms) user for everything so I love the look and feel. Happy little accident all because of you guys talking it up on the forum on crackberry. Cool.
    09-23-12 12:39 PM
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    Been using Simple Browser to access it since the changes... Let's try stock browser...

    EDIT: Niiiiice (with a very Bard ascent)

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    Second image removed due to privacy (don't want my email showing like that heh, but it works!).
    Lol yea that's why I didnt post image of that
    09-24-12 01:28 AM
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    I have been testing outlook.com on my laptop and have been considering using it for all my email instead of Windows Live Mail ( because webmail works better when travelling)

    But I would also want it to work on my Playbook. That should not be a problem - just open website, log in and should see my mail.

    But no. I get an unsafe certificate message. I sent the email below to Microsoft. They suggested I go to the Hotmail site and turn off Use a secure site (https). I tried that, but the change does not work. It stays the way I set it, but Outlook still opens in the https server.

    Anyone else have this problem or know a solution? (MS are still working on it, but perhaps a PB user may know more!)

    Outlook.com on Blackberry Playbook - Unsafe certificate
    I have tried using Outlook.com on my Blackberry Playbook.

    In attempting to access my email, it comes up with multiple warnings.

    It says:
    You are connecting to gfx8.hotmail.com

    The server certificate in not trusted.

    Issued by Verisign Class 3 Extended validation SSL SGC CA
    Expires Sat Nov 8 2014

    It has a box to "Always trust "gfx-ecn.hotmail.com" but checking that box does nothing because check is removed as soon as I click on Accept.

    If I go through this process several times, Outlook may load, but sometimes not at all. Othertimes, the message pops up even after connecting.

    The above occurs when using the native Playbook browser.

    The same problem does not occur when using Gmail.

    I can of course use the built in Playbook email app, but if going 100% to webmail, I would need Outlook.com to work on all devices.

    One note: I am just accessing the standard Outlook.com webmail. Not a specific mobile version, is such exists.

    Any suggestions?
    11-29-12 07:24 PM
  9. kwelamnp's Avatar
    Regarding previous post, this problem seemed to self correct. I had been in contact with MS and they asked for my account details. Can only assume they did something to resolve the problem because it hasn't happened for a week now.

    On my laptop, with adblock plus on Firefox or Web Block on Chrome, there are no more ads on right side of screen. But how to achieve that on PB where it is more of a nuisance? There are a few things that don't work on Outlook.com on PB. One is inability to delete or rename a folder. There may be others.

    Not sure if I will use Outlook on PB as main email client. May be just as well to stay with native messaging which works quite well and access my new Outlook.com email addresses from there.
    12-06-12 09:41 PM