1. csTX's Avatar
    I wonder if anyone has had this issue, but I noticed when I have the charger attached with the Otterbox on, the screen sensitivity is terrible and the screen shakes through the screen protector on the Defender.

    A guy had posted a video of this in another thread, the screen shaking through the protector:

    Anyone had problems like this?
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    08-16-11 09:41 PM
  2. Zach7's Avatar
    Mine has been fine since day 1. Even when charging and using the device upside down at the same time.
    08-16-11 09:45 PM
  3. Zwickliffe's Avatar
    Same exact experience here. Glad I'm not alone!
    08-16-11 09:48 PM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    No problem with mine while charging.
    08-16-11 11:08 PM
  5. JAGWIRE's Avatar
    im typing this on my pb with defender on and no worries at all
    08-17-11 12:56 AM
  6. BoldBigWorm's Avatar
    nope no problem here with rapid charger or normal charger. love this otter case.
    08-17-11 02:48 AM
  7. Altarocks's Avatar
    I'm using the OB with the cover removed and a Ghost Armor protector. I didn't have any trouble with the OB sensitivity, but it scratched easily and I just like the feel of the GA better. I do love the OB, even with the added size and weight.
    08-17-11 03:27 AM
  8. wellard's Avatar
    Mine has been in it's OB since day one, never had any issues.
    08-17-11 06:18 AM
  9. fnguyen's Avatar
    Hi, i am the guy who posted the screen shaking behaviour. It occured after cleaning my screen heavily with a microfiber cloth that could have led to accumulation of static charges. I told otterbox the problem and they sent me a new case. Once the old screen got dirty and a bit greasy, the problem stopped. The new screen is working fine and i have no problems of sensitivity since then (but i stopped cleaning it too heavily). Absolutely love the otterbox protection for the pb, and it feels much more secure in hand.

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    08-17-11 06:41 AM
  10. Spencerdl's Avatar
    Thanks for the info, I also love my otterbox, but I haven't experienced any problems ......yet. I will keep "static charges" in mind, I have a Zagg invisible shield on maybe thats why I haven't experienced any static behavior.
    08-17-11 12:09 PM
  11. f1mx's Avatar
    no problems for me fortunately. Although maybe it does have something to do with the cleaning, I'm one of those who really do a lot of effort in cleaning the device and haven't experienced this issue
    08-17-11 01:30 PM
  12. PadreTremtU's Avatar
    No problem in any way on mine since day 1.
    08-17-11 03:36 PM
  13. fnguyen's Avatar
    btw, just ordered the 9900 commuter case, will arrive tomorrow. Now all I need is the phone we always get it late here in belgium.
    08-17-11 06:26 PM
  14. eduardot's Avatar
    no problem on mine. Great Protection.
    08-17-11 11:48 PM
  15. takeo's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    we had this talk often, I just repeat my answer to it again - lol:

    if the PB acts irritating while charging the outlet is not grounded properly. Won't destroy your PB, but makes the touchscreen go nuts, as it actually measures the fingertips electricity-field a human being emits to track it. (that's why it's called capacitive touch screen)

    So, don't blame the otterbox (have it, works fine), but make sure your outlet is grounded properly. As it does not affect PB/iPad etc. (iPad shows the same symptoms), it might harm other electronic devices.
    08-18-11 12:01 AM