1. qussi362's Avatar
    hi guys iheard that u can support otg on the playbook after rooting it so im planning to but the only proplem is how to enter these codes or commands
    slay RIM_usbmgr-Winchester
    slay io-usb
    slay devb-umass
    sleep 2
    RIM_usbmgr-Winchester -m0s
    io-usb -domap4430-mg ioport=0x4a0ab000,irq=124
    sleep 2
    waitfor /dev/io-usb/io-usb 4
    devb-umass cam pnp blk automount=+hd6t6:/accounts/1000/shared/usb:dos,automount=+hd6:/accounts/1000/shared/usb:dos

    08-22-16 04:50 PM
  2. thurask's Avatar
    As far as I can guess, that's accomplished through SSH'ing into a rooted PlayBook (with Dingleberry, I think).
    08-22-16 05:01 PM
  3. qussi362's Avatar
    Iam rotting my device but when isearched they said enter the code but how to enter with dingleberry??
    08-23-16 11:42 AM
  4. qussi362's Avatar
    I'm rooting my device so ineed to know how enter it through dingleberry sereisly. The only thing ican use my bp on is to read pdf watch movies I already cleared gameloft game of the playbook so help
    08-23-16 11:46 AM
  5. spARTacus's Avatar
    I thought this was now impossible, unless you happened to not update your playbook from a specific OS version several years back and did a root, etc... as indicated by the other responses. If you have it working, let us know.

    Posted via CB App for Android on Tab4 (interim Playbook replacement)
    09-03-16 07:36 AM

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