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    Any news for OS2 to support Chinese Keyboard ?
    01-09-12 03:09 PM
  2. Fubaz's Avatar
    there is a Chinese IME app on the AppWorld.
    01-09-12 03:16 PM
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    Any news for OS2 to support Chinese Keyboard ?
    I am waiting for this also. The Playbook needs to recognize hand writing to help me to input Chinese.

    Some folks do not understand why this is important.

    The official Chinese language is Mandarin but this is only after Dr. Sun (the founder of Modern Day China) adopted it over Cantonese. Cantonese is the dialect spoken by Chinese in the Southern Region. In fact Cantonese was and still is the most popular Chinese spoken in most China Towns outside China. Chinese in Mainland China was taught “Pinyin” which is the official system to transcribe Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet. Chinese outside mainland China normally do not know how to type Chinese on a keyboard. The only way for them to input Chinese is to write it on a touch screen or via a special hand writing pad.

    IOS devices have Chinese Language support built in. Android device could download an app and it would work faultlessly. RIM does not even have Chinese input via the keyboard. How could this device sell in China? The Apple devices are selling like Hot Cakes in China. The Samsung Galaxy devices are doing well. Where is RIM? For Playbook to sell in Asia, it needs to support Chinese, Japanese and Korean. There is a $hit load of people in that region and that is a BIG market.

    I would have bought a couple of more Playbooks and give them to my friends in Hong Kong if it has Chinese Hand Writing Support.

    I hope folks from RIM could read this thread and may be it would help to put Chinese Language support on to Playbook.
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    01-09-12 03:40 PM
  4. EWY's Avatar
    there is a Chinese IME app on the AppWorld.
    Review is not that good and I hate to pay for something that does not work well. It still would not provide hand writing input.
    01-09-12 03:48 PM