08-19-12 11:33 AM
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    I'm just saying that, since Skype is so requested, maybe sometime it'll be on available for the PB.

    Don't know when, of course.

    Sent from a old but beautiful BB 8520 or a new and shinny PB 2.0
    From what I've read in other threads, Skype probably won't see the PB anytime soon, Android or Native. I could be wrong cause I don't know anyone who knows someone who heard from a RIM employee.

    Sounds like Video Chat is being upgraded to work much better and work with other avenues.

    As for the question of the thread, I would go ahead a download and install the beta. I've been using both of the betas and have not had very many problems. both seem very rock solid for what I'm doing with the PB.
    08-18-12 09:13 PM
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    I once jumped from the 2nd story of a building and didn't break anything, therefore it's safe for anybody to do so...

    I too read the comments of people who'd experienced no bugs with beta 2.1. I wasn't so lucky and had to reinstall the os completely, due to significant bugs, lags and os freezing. Maybe you'll be luckier, but do be aware that there are several reports of bugs.
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    08-18-12 09:26 PM
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    Wish me luck. Got a spanking new PB16 today from Staples for $149! to test drive the 2.1. Keeping my PB64 at .668.
    08-18-12 09:56 PM
  4. PowderJockey's Avatar
    I would suggest to place the unit next to the wireless router and leave it alone. My download was 467 MB.

    And it has been said many times before on threads, it is beta software and there are bugs. depends on what you are using it for.

    - Email,
    - Calendar,
    - Videos, (at least once a day)
    - MLB at Bat 12 (Android side loaded with 2.0)
    - Air browser,
    - Evernote
    - Bible apps,
    - dBase,
    - Sports apps,
    - Task list

    these are just a few of the common apps used. I have other android apps were side loaded on OS 2.0 and all have continued to work with both versions of the beta.

    I connect to both Linux and Windows 7 with the unit, but mostly Linux to transfer the video files. The DM is too slow for the video sync at the moment. And I use Linux for my main computers in the house. Windows only when forced to.

    But all in all I'm happy with the beta OS's.
    08-18-12 10:07 PM
  5. xKrNMBoYx's Avatar

    Register your Playbook's pin here and it should be automatically pushed you your Playbook. In my opinion the new update is stable enough for everyone to use. Haven't noticed any major bugs. Good luck
    Thanks. I didn't know it was that easy to get developer updates. From what I remember it took longer to signup and get developer firmware for my iPod Touch


    Download is done. It took roughly 30 minutes to download the update. Now its installing. I slight got frustrated because the instance I started the download in my basement my computer's wifi connection disconnected and slowed down terribly. Once the download finished it returned to normal.


    Anyone have AT&T FamilyMap Webpage Shortcut on their PlayBook when upgraded?
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    08-18-12 10:26 PM
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    Anyone have AT&T FamilyMap Webpage Shortcut on their PlayBook when upgraded?
    Yes. Not sure what is with it. In the first 2.1, I believe Zino showed up as a app after the upgrade.
    08-19-12 11:33 AM
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