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    Title says it all.

    Downloaded and installed new OS 2.0 today and am having issues with the native browser and bridge messages crashing instantly.

    Anyone else having issues? Anyone find a fix? Is there a way to delete those core applications and reinstall them without having to wipe/reinstall the whole OS?

    Let me know. Otherwise onto wipe/reinstall.

    Thanks in advance.

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    02-21-12 04:23 PM
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    Did a "debrick", reinstalled OS 2.0, restored "settings" and "app data".
    Same problem. Browser still crashes right away.

    Going through the process again. Wiped the playbook and reinstalled OS 2.0.
    Browser works! Restored "settings" only and browser works.
    Restoring "app data" right now and will update soon......

    02-22-12 01:38 PM
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    Issue seems to be with restoring the "app data". Upon restore my browser crashes. Loading an older backup of my "app data" right now to see if that helps. Otherwise will have to manually reinstall all my apps.

    This could be a major issue for me as all the saved data (profiles, game saves, etc.) will no longer be on my playbook.......

    Anyone else having this issue?
    Anyone know of any way to get around this? Manually restore one app at a time (to see which one messes up my browser)?


    02-22-12 04:44 PM
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    Restored "apps data" backup from OS 1.0*** and STILL have issues with the browser crashing (tries to open and crashes within seconds) after restart!!!!

    Am I the only one having this issue?
    Any thoughts? Would appreciate any help I can get.


    02-22-12 06:12 PM
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    For troubleshooting purposes. First off does anyone know the details of what is in the "app data" restore? Not sure why app data would all of a sudden make the browser crash instantly. The browser's settings and data I figured would be in the "settings" restore file as it is a naive application. For troubleshooting purposes I am going to try uninstalling my restored apps one at a time and do a hard restart to see if that changes anything. I have already unistalled the odd ball apps and have had no luck. Only side loaded app was the "SNES Emulator".

    Here is a list of my other installed apps:
    Asphalt 6
    Castle Warriors
    Eternal Legacy
    NOVA 2
    Star Front
    10 Blocks
    Adobe Reader
    Angry Birds Seasons
    Assembler Mobile 2
    Berzerk Ball
    Blackberry News
    Cineplex Mobile
    Cut the Rope
    eBooks by Kobo
    Flood Fill
    Modern Combat 2
    Mystery Pond
    Need for Speed
    NFB Films
    Dead Space
    Paper Sudoku
    Plants vs. Zombies
    Score Mobile
    Slacker Radio
    SnowBomber Lite
    The Province
    The Vancouver Sun
    Today's Alarm Clock

    Not sure if it is one of those apps that is creating the issue with the browser not opening but they all seem to be very typical apps that everyone would have. I have seem on the forums that other people are having the same issue and am waiting for a response from them as to if they have found a way to fix this.

    Final option will be to contact RIM support but I am sure their support is busy as can be right now so I'll keep up with my troubleshooting for now.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.


    02-23-12 12:03 PM
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    Removed ALL my apps. Deleted each one. Did hard reset.


    Reinstalled Cut the Rope to see if the saved games were still stored on the playbook after I had uninstalled the game. All the saves were gone. So after deleting an app it theorectically deletes all the data associated with the app.

    OS 2.0 browser works with "settings" restored
    OS 2.0 browser DOESN'T work with "app data" restored
    OS 2.0 browser DOESN'T work with "app data" restored and all apps deleted with hard reset afterwards.

    There is something in the "app data" restore file that is messing up my browser and doesn't seem to be associated with an app/game.

    Now what to do...... Any ideas? Seems like I am talking to myself in this post but hopefully other people will read this and might be able to learn from my troubleshooting.

    Hope to hear from someone with some ideas.


    02-23-12 12:26 PM
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    Can you restore app data on a few apps? I was really far in modern combat.
    02-23-12 01:57 PM
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    Can you restore app data on a few apps? I was really far in modern combat.
    See that's my same question. Seems like restoring "app data" it is all or nothing. I am able to get my browser working with no "app data" restore but then I lose all my game profiles/saves on all my games which is quite the pain in the . I am still troubleshooting and see what I can make work. I have done a wipe and reinstall of my playbook over 4 times now. Starting to get annoying (especially the "tutorial" in the beginning that you can't skip).

    02-23-12 02:27 PM
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    Just for sh!ts and giggles. I wiped the playbook, reinstalled OS 2.0 and just restored "app data" and NOT "settings".

    Browser crashes on startup!

    Confirms that the issue is definitely in "app data". Reason for doing this test was to confirm that it was the "app data" file only and not a combination of both "app data" and "settings" during restore.

    So big question.... Does anyone know what is in the "app data" restore file? Is it possible to view (decompress/extract) the contents in the file? Is there a way to restore "PART" of the file and not the whole thing?

    I have been trying to avoid contacting RIM to troubleshoot this as I am sure they have their hands full and would be really proud of myself to repair this myself.

    Thanks for any help in advance,

    02-23-12 04:48 PM
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    OK everyone is going to think I am crazy for doing this.

    I have taken one of my backup files. Extracted it. individually gone through each folder. Yes, there are hundreds (maybe 1000). And located the folders that seem to hold files associated with the browser native app.

    Two folders I found are:


    I am thinking about two options:
    1. Removing the two folders completely (might remove the whole app, maybe not a good idea)
    2. Deleting individual files that in the folder that I deem might not be needed. Yes I would be guessing what ones are needed and not.

    I would then have to recompress the files back into the backup file and restore them on the playbook and see what happens. It is a lot of work and a lot of time. But for some stupid reason it seems fun to me. LOL

    Any ideas from the forum friends? Anyone played with altering the backup files? I was actually quite surprised that the backup are so easy to view and that I could potentially alter them.

    For future experiments; Figure I might be able to take the app data from my backup, compress it into my friends backup and then he would have the game I purchased installed through the backup. Not sure if that would work but it would be interesting to find out.

    Thanks for any help.

    02-23-12 06:21 PM
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    Can you restore app data on a few apps? I was really far in modern combat.
    I am currently working on altering my last backup file to see if I can customize it to restore the save games/profiles. See my posting here for the details and updates. Wish me luck!


    02-24-12 05:00 PM
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    I'm having the same issue with browser. i dled the dolphin browser which works ok...but it doesnt have flash. soon as browser begins to load it closes....totally sux....bah
    02-24-12 07:22 PM
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    Have you ever rooted your playbook?
    Side loaded any apps?

    Want to see if we have anything in common that might have created this isssue.


    02-25-12 01:51 AM
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    Hey Brian,

    I wiped and re-installed. Basically started from scratch and seem to have everything running smoothly now. I didn't restore from a backup and just basically started with a new playbook.

    I find from time to time the browser crashes but this only happens when i have 3-4+ apps open. I hope you fix your browser issue !
    03-03-12 11:33 AM