1. nerdydaddyo's Avatar
    Does the original WiFi only BlackBerry PlayBook possess any chip or connector related to NFC? I watched several teardowns/disassemblies and could not verify if it was completely absent, or just needed it in the door. On one of the batteries, a cable is running across and taped to the battery, which made me think there is a possibility that it COULD exist. Anyone with concrete evidence that it does or doesn't exist, even if a deactivated chip is sitting inside the unit, please let me know. Thanks.
    03-29-13 10:24 AM
  2. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    No it does not.
    03-29-13 11:43 AM
  3. sexybabe88's Avatar
    No NFC. Why would you want NFC on a tablet anyway?
    03-29-13 11:44 AM
  4. Gooseberry Falls's Avatar
    It is new technology. Tap/bump and share. Nexus 7 has it.
    NFC demonstration on Google Nexus 7 - xda-developers
    03-29-13 11:48 AM
  5. FF22's Avatar
    No NFC. Why would you want NFC on a tablet anyway?
    Ask Rim/bbry - they did include it in the lte pb.
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    03-29-13 12:22 PM
  6. itmccb's Avatar
    No NFC. Why would you want NFC on a tablet anyway?
    The same reason why you'd want it on any device. Though not a must-have, it proves incredibly useful when it's there.
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    03-30-13 12:22 AM
  7. diegonei's Avatar
    Ask Rim/bbry - they did include it in the lte pb.
    Hmmm... I may end up getting one. If I ever find a bargain that is...
    03-30-13 12:30 AM
  8. Orange UK's Avatar
    No it's great, your walking about the train station PBing the net you join a queue for a coffee and sandwich etc still PBing away your email and surfing, you glance up to the gentleman serving with his 'My name is: Thor H' badge and give your order and carry on PBing it while he minces about behind the counter gathering your order, he places the bag down and asks for payment and you tap your PB on the NFC contactless payment module in the middle of typing that email at the checkout and ask Thor to place the bag handle on your left hand while you momentarily remove it from typing on your PB screen, you exchange goodbyes whilst still attending to business and carry on.

    You then are billed to your carrier account or debit/credit card depending on your chosen option

    Orange newsroom | Orange and Barclaycard transform buying on Britain??s high-streets with the launch of the UK??s first contactless mobile payments service

    EVERYONES a winner except Thor, not taking tips in his last job means he gets no financial tips in this job

    Consumer and carriers WINNERS!
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    03-30-13 04:25 AM

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