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    I am a sophomore in high school, and I bought my PlayBook about three years ago. Over the past year, my PlayBook gradually fell into disuse, and was (temporarily) forgotten about.

    Recently, I was accepted into our region's Governor's School, which is essentially college classes in the morning. I was planning on taking my laptop (HP Pavilion x360 11) with me and taking notes on that, but wasn't sure how the battery life would hold out throughout the day... I then thought of my PlayBook, and after an hour searching through my room for it, I found it in a junk drawer. I dusted it off and turned it on and it still works like a charm. I wiped it and put all of my music and movies on it and sideloaded some apps from the internet, and thought it would be great for taking to Governor's School. The only thing I need now is a keyboard, because typing notes/papers on the small screen would be nearly impossible and time consuming.

    I was looking on eBay and found a Lenovo Bluetooth Tablet Keyboard that is for a 10 inch tablet, but I'm sure would fit the PlayBook (it's not like a folio case, it has a ledge for the PlayBook to stand up in) FOR 19 DOLLARS!!! I thought that was a steal

    and I also found on Amazon a (cheap looking) folio case made for the PlayBook for 30 dollars... Do you think it is worth the couple bucks?

    I would post links, but it says I need to have more posts.

    I have 35 dollars put aside for this case--- the high schooler's budget haha

    Any ideas on cases?

    12-29-14 02:24 AM
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    Can you post a picture of the one off Amazon? If it's the rubbery-keyed one that came with my Playbook and you see for sale 'everywhere' then it's really terrible and best avoided. It was unbearable to type on and incredibly ugly.

    Maybe you could buy a cheap full sized BT keyboard to keep in your bag and just have the PB on a stand. Is that what the Lenovo one you suggest is like?

    I have the Blackberry proper keyboard/case now and while it's pretty good, it does take a bit of adjustment every time to typing on a compact keyboard. Once your brain has made adjustments though it's quite a nice feeling keyboard to type on.

    One quite large complaint though is that the manual specifically states that the touchpad will disregard your palm or wrist as you are typing. My experience is that sometimes it doesn't and you find the mouse has selected something else on the screen and you are typing into nothing!

    However, my ramblings about the Blackberry keyboard/case are rather a moot point as you probably won't find one for $35, or at all these days.

    Summary: I'd suggest full sized BT keyboard with PB in stand. I say this having explored a few options for using my PB as a word processor.

    Oh, also, try sideloading Kingsoft Office (available from Good eBook Reader) as an alternative to Docs2Go for studenty-things. I found them both good but Kingsoft's offering had working cloud access last time I tried. And, try and make full use of Evernote in your student life using the Playbook, phone and computer.

    Good luck at college with your PB!

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    12-29-14 05:30 AM
  3. jamescarruthers's Avatar
    Just Googled that Lenovo keyboard... looks good mate. A decent alternative to full sized keyboard, yes.

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    12-29-14 05:32 AM

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