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    I'm building a website that uses Arabic-script open type fonts. PB does a good job, until the Arabic uses vowels. In Open Type, vowels are handles by the mark and mkmk features. I tried my voweled @face-font Arabic in Opera, Chrome, even IE; all works well. But in the PB browser the mark and mkmk features (which handle diacritics) are not applied properly. Questions:

    1. Is there anywhere within the BlackBerry organization I can post this problem and get a response? A developer forum perhaps?

    2. Has anyone tested @face-font vowelized Arabic in BB10? If BB10 works I need not worry too much, since eventually that's coming to PB (or so we're told).

    Any other tips or suggestions will be much appreciated. Even if you don't know Arabic, any pointers to @face-font/open-type resources for PB will be useful.

    04-05-13 11:29 AM
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    04-10-13 03:07 PM

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