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    As evident there seems to be another surge of trolls and anti-PB folks who have taken it on to hammer the PB, and off course RIM, again.

    Most of us here like our PB, albeit its shortcomings, and we appreciate honest critical comments from users, but its difficult to turn a blind eye toward the ones who come here and start bashing the PB without even doing any research.

    These are people who got up one fine morning, and saw the $199 value (the layman's fire sale) and just ran out to buy a "tablet". A day latter, they find it unappealing when compared to the other loved tabs (pad/droid) and decide to come to CB and start writing whatever they want- when without a shadow of doubt- its their fault in not doing their homework before going and investing that $199.

    There are folks here at CB, who paid $500 for the 16GB when it was launched, and have stuck with it and helped newbies to understand the device better and have contributed immensely to the community at CB- so that everyone enjoys the device. They have kept aside their disappointment of shelling out so much money, biting their tongue to see the prices fall and kept hoping that with OS2.0 it will be an excellent device and that it wasn't a mistake in investing their time and money in the PB.

    So, to the ones who come to CB with the sole intention of bashing the PB.... this is for you. If you don't have something constructive to say, please don't. For once you open your mouth don't think that the rest of us will keep quite. For one, if nothing we will report your post and get your threads closed and deleted, and as everyone knows you keep on with your rants- the ban hammer is not far away. Take a pick !!

    So, if you didn't do the research before you bought the PB---- deal with it, its your fault, don't rant at us... we didn't ask you to buy a PB.
    If you have problems--- post, and we will help you out. Most of us here always try to do so.

    Finally, a request to our fellow CB members- it seems that (conspiracy or not) that there are people (paid/ unpaid) coming here at CB again to thrash the Playbook as we near the launch of the OS2.0.... much waited for us PB users.

    So, please report threads and posts ---- so that we don't have to deal with these trolls and PB bashers....... as many will say "follow the troll protocol"
    02-11-12 05:40 PM
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    I might add that we have atleast 6 - 10 members here who enable these trolls who join the forum for the express purpose of trashing BB/RIM/PB; these enablers are no better then the trolls themselves, and you know who you are.
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    02-11-12 05:45 PM
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    Oh no. The witch hunt started again.
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    02-11-12 06:04 PM
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    Your exactly right. Troll cheerleaders. Recognize them by only Liking or Thanks on negative or bash posts.
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    02-11-12 06:07 PM
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    Sorry, no hard feelings... but threads like this do not help. As proven by the countless other ones that already exist.
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    02-11-12 06:08 PM