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    Hey guys I was reading the news and I stumbled across this little article. This is just one of the reasons I think Rim is here to stay. Looks like Harper hints at blocking any type of take over bid. What Im wondering is if Rim does end up losing cash if the government would get involved there and give them a "bail out". I remember hearing on the mercer report that the canadian pension plan is packed with investments in RIM stock Im wondering if that has anything to do with it as well. Any one here an expert in this or any knowledge on that?? I would appreciate being schooled on this topic

    Canada PM wants RIM to grow as a Canadian company | Canada | Reuters
    02-05-12 06:36 PM
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    Rim's a long way from needing a government bailout...

    Also, isn't Rick Mercer a comedian? ;-)

    Also, Balsillie assured investors at the last AGM that a hostile takeover is something they could easily protect against. I don't claim to understand the intricacies of this sort of thing, but think "poison pill" and shareholder agreements and such things. He said if it was necessary, an agreement could be put in place almost immediately that would make any such takeover extremely difficult.
    02-05-12 06:44 PM
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    I just hope that it actually doesn't need to go to that point I think their new phones will for sure bring them back but its just a legit/hypothetical question really. Yes Rick Mercer is a comedian but he's like Jon Stewart /Colbert talks about serious things but makes fun of the issue :P. Im not too sure what a poison pill is?? The thing that pops into my head more is if they get enough investors to vote for a sale of the company. Would they be protected from that sort of thing?? sorry for all the questions.
    02-05-12 06:52 PM
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    Rim's a long way from needing a government bailout...

    Also, isn't Rick Mercer a comedian?.
    So is John Stewart, apparently a majority of Americans under 25 report getting their news from "The Daily Show"
    02-05-12 09:07 PM