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    So that's 2 posts in the last few days alerting us of potentially 'dodgy' Apps in the Blackberry World app store...
    Now I don't know if these warnings, however honestly posted are indications of a genuinely damaging App, but up until now, I have assumed that anything available from the official Blackberry app source would be beyond reproach. Is that a naive attitude? How much do Blackberry check apps that they make available here, do they just 'wack-em-up' without really making sure that they aren't sending my webcam images/facebook login/bank details to some bloke in China???
    Before anyone points it out, I know that you are able to choose what the App has access to, but as someone else also pointed out, some of the free apps, that support themselves with advertising need to know a fair bit about you reasonably innocently to target their ads (and so make money). Having said that, I suppose if an app requests internet access supposedly
    to send advertising details, and then actually sends more private information, it would be quite difficult to detect this when testing the app without fairly in-depth testing, which may not be practical for every app that is submitted. Then again, having said that too, surely there is a responsibility on Blackberry to make SURE that damaging apps are not posted on their OFFICIAL app market...?

    Please Discuss...
    03-04-13 05:03 AM
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    Anything is possible but the recent posts don't show me anything to be concerned about. If some malicious software shows up we will hear about it.

    Interesting article from a Google search:

    BlackBerry to use Trend Micro app scanner for BlackBerry World app security - News - Trusted Reviews

    BlackBerry has announced it will be using an app scanning service from global cloud security company Trend Micro, to protect customers against malware on its BlackBerry World store.

    The Trend Micro Mobile Application Reputation Service will be combined with BlackBerry’s own internal analytical systems to scan both current and new apps submitted to the BlackBerry World store. BlackBerry World supplies content for
    BlackBerry 10
    handsets such as the newly launched
    BlackBerry Z10

    BlackBerry World apps will be scanned for any potential malware as part of BlackBerry’s approach for addressing privacy issues and security concerns that could be linked to any apps present on the BlackBerry World store.

    “By incorporating Trend Micro’s advanced mobile scanning and detection capabilities with our own internal, proprietary application analysing system, we can provide another layer of protection and assurance for BlackBerry customers,” said Adrian Stone, Director of BlackBerry Security Response and Threat Analysis. “Together, BlackBerry and Trend Micro are developing an innovative and comprehensive solution for protecting BlackBerry customers against emerging mobile security concerns.”

    Trend Micro has already scanned over 2 million mobile apps using its Mobile Application Reputation service, which analyses app codes and behaviour to assess its potential data protection and malware risks.

    “The volume of malicious and high-risk mobile apps are on the rise across the industry, which is why we applaud BlackBerry’s commitment to protecting their customers against these emerging mobile threats,” commented Kevin Simzer, Vice President of Corporate Development and Alliances at Trend Micro.

    “With the speed that cybercriminals are targeting new platforms and applications, Trend Micro and BlackBerry’s strategic collaboration is natural and timely for the security of end users. Together, the companies can further secure and enhance BlackBerry customers’ mobile experience.”

    The service from Trend Micro also monitors the battery, storage and data usage of an individual app to ensure an app isn’t an adverse addition to a user’s smart device.
    Read more at BlackBerry to use Trend Micro app scanner for BlackBerry World app security - News - Trusted Reviews
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    03-04-13 05:36 AM
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    Thanks for the post - interesting reading.
    It doesn't specifically mention the Playbook, just BB10, but I assume if they will scan all Apps if they are scanning any... (then again, I'm assuming again... )

    Does the Android store do anything similar for their apps? (just asking)
    03-04-13 06:11 AM

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