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    Rules are simple: Using the last word of the previous post, you must compose a message solely prompted from predictive text choices. You can use random letter combos to change choices if you find you're stuck in a word loop. Results must form readable sentences. GO!

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    That could be difficult since most os2 users (the latest release) cant log in to crackberry
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    I'm skipping the one above since it was NOT done with predictive.

    Opportunity in the world of telecommunications services and solutions that are needed to make money online with no cash advance for your business idea to have the best way forward is not the same as before.
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    Before you start doing this to your website or contact us immediately after all this stuff.
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    Stuff the best way of doing this and focus on getting someone else in your life.
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    Life is like the best time to meet up with your friends and family members and non profit organizations and individuals or more and better and will only use of any information contained at home.
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    Home is not monitored by any means that I am going to do. It would be very difficult to find the right place to start the process of getting the best in class. This covers all aspects of faults and the other side effects of intrusion. This is the most important thing to remember when posting on this website. You can get your own risk assessment and it will probably come up with your own way to make sure that your wife is not responsible.
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    Responsible again for you and me can get some sleep ready made by hand in my pigeon forge. We hope you had any problems with Wed 8th May Ball tickets to come up with your own virus checking software.
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    Software to pull out the latest articles from the church is going seriously downhill from this mailing list please send me your contact details for the best way to share the Gospel.
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    Gospel Music Society is the best way forward to your website or contact us for more information about yourself in my room with the latest articles from the station.
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    Station Access to organize your own virus checks before opening any attachment to the list of all time favorite joke I'm afraid.
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    Afraid of the recent posts? How about you guys have a few minutes before you leave your comments.
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    Afraid I think that you will need your suggestions for events that have prevented me from being completely overwhelmed. I am looking forward to hearing your speculative rumors and then we will need to add this information to the following review. You will receive training and development services in the morning and then I will be available for download at the same time as you. I hope that you can make the most equidistant location from my Neighborhood.
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    **mot predictive**
    LMAO this is hilarious, keep it going people!!
    01-20-12 11:04 PM
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    Edited to circumvent the word filter
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    Time is running out for you and me. I have to go to the bar. This will help us to have an idea that may indeed be able to get to the next level.
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    Level up with some additional features and special effects. This week we have no problem selling your home or office for postage. If you want it delivered, the first one is available. Please keep this quiet!
    01-20-12 11:34 PM
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    Quiet Life here for you and your friends along with all my news is not responsible for organizing all the emails you are looking forward to.
    01-21-12 12:35 AM
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    01-21-12 02:06 AM
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    (don't count this. That was hard. Lol)
    01-21-12 06:44 AM
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    Articles from this website are not responsible for any damage or loss arising in your life.

    (lol I can't believe that it actually showed me pigeon as a last word)
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    Life is like the best way forward to your website. We want your business advice on everything from my Neighborhood Guide.
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    assessment are like bananas.
    01-21-12 08:29 PM
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    bananas really want to say the most equidistant location from the station when you have to go out with friends. We have to get back into town as well.
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