08-01-13 01:07 AM
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  1. eddy_berry's Avatar
    I have a burning, but probably dumb question regarding this.
    Is there ANY way to get my PB to get "Wi fi" either thru my Z 10, or my wifes IPhone?
    I really don't care about the "full" bridge capabilities, but want to be able to use my PB to surf the net at our cabin next week, and we dont get wi fi out there.
    Thanks, and sorry!

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    On your Z10 you have 2 options and a third because bridge should work too depending on carrier I believe. Under network connections in options. Mobile Hotspot and Internet Tethering both do what you want.
    08-01-13 12:55 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I think that you have the wrong bridge, F2. The one Heins is trying to sell is Galloping Gertie, the first Tacoma Narrows bridge. It works well if you stay with legacy devices, but cannot handle the hot air from BB10. At least the engineers of that time learned from their mistakes, but it seems that RIM isn't learning from theirs....
    This state has somehow lost a number of bridges from Galloping Gerty, to the Lake Washington floating bridge, to the hood canal bridge and most recently the I-5 bridge over the Skagit.

    Here's one link to Galloping Gerty - always fascinating to watch

    08-01-13 01:07 AM
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