06-24-13 08:37 AM
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  1. byul's Avatar
    It's in post #42, right up there^^^
    Oh thank you Chaddface i somehow overlooked the thumbnail somehow.
    That's a nasty crack you got there.
    04-25-12 06:13 PM
  2. Jamaicangirl81's Avatar
    I was playing Cut the Rope when it cracked. I guess I was pressing the balloons too hard.
    wowsa... u're hercules

    sorry it happened tho... hope u can get it fixed
    04-25-12 06:22 PM
  3. mobtech's Avatar
    It depends on the condition that it is cracked alot or a simple crack on the screen. The best thing you can do with your BB is to replace the screen and do not throw that broken screen it has worth. You can sell your cracked screen and earn money from it. Here you can sell it Sell Cracked Screen.
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    06-24-13 08:37 AM
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