12-28-14 03:04 AM
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  1. black.rhino's Avatar
    My PB and case arrived in the mail simultaeneously yesterday morning, just in time for OS 2, right off the hop. I then slipped in a few android ported apps and am absolutely LOVING this tablet. I've always thought that the PB was the best tablet out there, and now I know!
    02-22-12 10:29 AM
  2. Harryl6134's Avatar
    Picked mine up last Thursday, February 23. Came home, plugged in, turned on, and OS2 installed perfectly. My wife had just bought a Kindle Fire 2 weeks before, so I got this as an early birthday present. Still trying to find an easy way to sync calendar and contacts, but sideloading works great!

    Go BB!
    03-02-12 11:44 AM
  3. berrydroidapple's Avatar
    I worked for Sprint as a seasonal employee for the holidays. The PB went on sale, but I couldn't afford it at the moment because of other financial obligations. The desire to own one I could never get rid of.

    One week ago I sold my car because I plan to return to Southern Mexico, where I lived for 8 years. The day after selling my car I just happened to go buy the big blue/yellow retailer here in the USA, and low and behold they had just minutes before my arrival received a shipment of PB's, needless to say I forked over $200 + tax.

    I love, love, and love my PB. I have other devices, which include iPod Touch 4G and a rooted Nook Color, both WiFi only. Having the capability of using my BB with my PB when WiFi is not available is exactly why I wanted it.

    The OS2.0 update came out the same day I got my PB, so I am a happy camper. Just got my convertible case in the mail yesterday.
    03-02-12 02:04 PM
  4. luigit0905's Avatar
    64g just delivered and updated and in use
    03-02-12 03:26 PM
  5. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Happy with my 16GB playbook.
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    03-03-12 08:55 PM
  6. Bluemoonjules's Avatar
    Happy with my 16GB playbook.
    Me too... Also liking CrackBerry - apart from a few moaning minnies!
    03-04-12 03:01 AM
  7. aragone79's Avatar
    I'm not happy with my 16 GB Playbook. lack of storage space. Need to be upgraded to 64 GB right now, hehehe.
    03-04-12 06:35 AM
  8. world traveler and former ceo's Avatar
    yeah .. go big .. or ... he he
    03-04-12 06:50 AM
  9. soxfan04's Avatar
    So far I am very happy with my Playbook. Especially the browser. I purposely waited for the 2.0 software to be released before I bought it.
    03-04-12 08:51 AM
  10. DeputyBob's Avatar
    I'm writing this post because, I don't have any friends who have Blackberry phones for personal reasons, and it seems like they rather play games than be functional. I play games on my phone, but I use BB for combining my work with my personal life, and utilize the email, contacts and calendars from my works' (I have two jobs) network and my person accounts. So I need to express my thoughts to some like minded folks--I still make up a small percentage of tablet users, but here it goes...

    I was very adamant about not getting the Playbook because of the cost; like the iPad, I couldn't conceived the idea of spending $500 for a tablet when I could buy a laptop or a decked out netbook. I got the Dell Streak 7 for $200 at Staples, and like it at first. I quickly realised that it was nothing more than a toy with a bad battery life. Then just after Christmas 2011, I got a Nook Tablet, which I really loved. But the downside was that it doesn't have copy & paste function and no bluetooth, so once again a toy versus a functional and practical equipment.

    Then just last month (was it?) that RIM was cutting the prices to as low as $200, it was then that I bought a Playbook. In fact, I got the 32GB for the same price as the Nook Tablet. And with the 2.0 version, I am enjoying some of the Andriod apps I like that aren't available on App World. I love that I can used the internet while being Bridged with my 9930 and not get charged extra. I also love being able to use the 9930 keyboard for the Playbook.

    Then just last week, I got a iPad2 as a gift. I love the availability of app support and all, but the one thing that is not pushing me to give up my Playbook (is actually a few things) is (are): 1) Bridging my BB internet without additional cost, 2) the potential of actually using the GPS on Playbook to replace my TomTom, and 3) the size.

    The iPad, like the Nook Tablet, is great for battery life, Netflix and Hulu Plus, and other entertainment usage like hooking it up to my Korg M50, using office productivity (just as effectively as the Playbook), but it is useless without WiFi--and I refuse to pay for MiFi/Hotspot or tethering fees that restricts my data or cost outrageous for "extra" data.

    My wife has an iPhone, she feels she doesn't need a Nook Tablet or an iPad, which she describes as a gaint iPhone. But she is impressed with the Playbook, and since her job requires her to carry a Blackberry (currently a 9930) she thought about getting a Playbook, and avoid carrying a laptop when she travels.

    All-in-all, I am happy to have the Playbook and iPad for too separate reasons, but would rather have one tablet with both fun and work combined without sacrificing my unlimited data plan and bridging capabilities, and battery life: (7-10 hours (based on video) I think is really good).
    03-10-12 09:52 PM
  11. vinodmorsa's Avatar
    I am from India, I got my PB last evening. I got the OS updated to 2.0 & had initial trouble with Blackberry Account setup and Authentication. Installing Bridge was smooth, but when launching blackberry bridge on PB it was asking for phone password. I tried all the passwords i ever use and still there was no luck. I logged into CB forums and voila, i got the answer and it was a charm after that.

    I am loving it at this time. I am still trying to get the right apps that i would need.
    03-23-12 12:58 AM
  12. batkinson001's Avatar
    I picked up my 32GB playbook last Monday for $206 at my local walmart since it was an open box... No issues to warrant returning it. Though I checked the serial number and I have less than 10 days left on the complementary tech support... Still dunno why it was returned...
    03-23-12 01:10 AM
  13. Dugganm's Avatar
    Picked up my 32Gb Playbook last night and am more than happy with it!

    Admittedly I havent had much of a chance to play with it, but got Bridge, etc working and installed Air Browser, etc.

    Just about to go and order a case...
    04-02-12 08:26 AM
  14. exwindchaser's Avatar
    Just got my free 16gb pb from the developer program and I gotta say I'm loving it so far! I knew I would, of course, but it feels great to finally have this thing in my hand. I just need some help figuring out what are the best apps to get. Would like a few free (and good) games that I can play offline because I don't have internet at my apt at the moment.
    Any suggestions?
    04-02-12 11:40 AM
  15. RoseBud68's Avatar
    Just got my free 16gb pb from the developer program and I gotta say I'm loving it so far! I knew I would, of course, but it feels great to finally have this thing in my hand. I just need some help figuring out what are the best apps to get. Would like a few free (and good) games that I can play offline because I don't have internet at my apt at the moment.
    Any suggestions?
    Head over to app world there are a few free games.
    04-02-12 11:48 AM
  16. araLe-tot's Avatar

    I got a 16gb PlayBook this afternoon! I just chanced on a price that I couldn't refuse. These things retail (starting) for around $700-800USD a piece here.

    I'm totally psyched! I need some advice though - this thing has been sitting in a box for probably a year+. Before I try turning it on and getting all flustered and what not - I do remember reading, back in the day, that initial setup with the first version of the OS could be troublesome. The first thing I have done is plug it in to charge.

    I opened the box like a boss. I really felt excited as this was the tablet that made me think about owning a tablet. The initial draw for me was Bridge and the ability to watch anything online. Subsequently I bought an iPad 2 first. I like BlackBerry and Apple (not equally) but they both have great products!

    Anyway, what are the best games and apps to get for it? Paid and free. I already have my eye on Carcassonne. Is there Stumble Upon for the PlayBook?

    I look forward to sharing my exploration of this piece of wizardry with you.
    04-05-12 09:21 PM
  17. Coach_Urk's Avatar
    I should be getting mine tomorrow. Trading in my Kindle Fire for a 16GB model. Can't wait! I'M SO EXCITED!!! AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT!!!!!
    04-07-12 02:47 AM
  18. GreyGhostRos's Avatar
    Got my 32 gb Playbook an 20 minutes ago
    I had hoped to stay on 1.x and upgrade to a lower version of 2.x to have root.. Sadly BB decided i was not be given an option but to give my wifi info and now its downloading right now.. Not that i mind it doing that though a choice would have been good

    Will post back after i have a good time on the first rounds with the new Playbook!!
    Oh and Crackberry seems to be a nice big community.. Looking forward to being a part of it!!
    04-07-12 09:27 AM
  19. barbarianthemadserb's Avatar
    About 4 days ago I ordered the 16gb version from Amazon's vendor. Waited two days and no response on shipping date. Sent 2 emails and recieved standard response (we don't know yet!). Called Amazon and they said to call their source. Still nothing. SO, thinking that I should go to the 64gb, found it on Amazon (different vendor) with free shipping and paid about $3 for next day. Then emailed/cancelled my other order with Amazon's vendor. My new PB64 arrived yesterday. Meanwhile I got an email from the first order from Amazon's customer saying "we r sorry, we are out of PB!". Good thing as I would have had to send back the smaller one.
    Any way, I have been browzing all over CB for PB info. I also checked out side loading, tried it, and it works. I had no setup problem. This PB is awsome (with the exception of much needed programs -I am not into games).
    I also bought a leather cover from Blurex. One thing I don't like is the usb port connector as it did not have or show the proper connection but I finally figured it out (thank you CB). I am off and running.
    So now, I can look for and side load-awsome. I love this PB!
    04-22-12 10:37 AM
  20. Livett's Avatar
    Just got my playbook. Think I love the size more than anything. It's perfect.
    04-27-12 05:59 PM
  21. Golfey's Avatar
    Got a 16Gb on e-bay for a silly price.
    Kept putting off buying a tablet - would I use it.
    Love playing with i-pads but too big, research led me to PB - not into BB otherwise.

    So 48 hours later do I love my PB or what.
    Just watched a catchup tv show - 100% better than my (now redundant) laptop.

    Discovering apps and ideas for the PB - great fun, cannot put it down, what a quality bit of kit.
    04-30-12 05:03 AM
  22. audiodude's Avatar
    LOL Golfey. For a second there I thought I had already posted. I was also putting off buying one because I wasn't sure I would use it.

    Got mine last night, and loving it so far. Bonus: after checking it out, my son (an Apple fanboy) said, and I quote, "THIS IS COOL!!"
    05-04-12 11:15 AM
  23. Marty_LK's Avatar
    I sold my 16GB Playbook. I had the money in hand to afford just about any 7" tablet I wanted...except for a few higher end units. But as I was looking over the selections I considered the new Galaxy Tab 2 7"; the one for $250. I also looked at some of the Asus tabs and Acers tabs. Finally I rationalized the only tablet I could get more than my money's worth was the playbook. I love the audio quality and everything about it; the UI is world-class and superb. The distinct shape and size is perfect. The orientation while plugged into a dock is what I prefer. The apps are outstanding. And it has the renowned Blackberry name

    I plopped down the 3 bills for my new 64GB Playbook and am overwhelmed with delight. No other tablet in the world gives me this amount of satisfaction. I honestly believe the Playbook will be all that Jobs hoped the iPad would be.
    05-10-12 05:41 PM
  24. yvrbs's Avatar
    After spending a few days with my new 16G PB I am pissed off at RIM. Not because I don't like it, I love it but because they have a winner here and yet they continue to get the crap kicked out of them by the media and can't seem to get the word out about their products.
    When I walked into Best Buy and told the salesman what I wanted he just smirked and said "Hope you know what you're doing." Virtually everyone I have told that I bought a PB, before I can even tell them my opinion, say something like "Why would you buy a device from a company that is going bankrupt?"
    I won't even get into what a ludicrous question that is given RIM's resources, bank balance, revenue stream and patents but why is it up to me to educate people on their financial stability? How can a company have a market capitalization less then their net worth? One of Canada's savviest investors Prem Watsa has bought over $1/2 bil of RIM shares this year alone.
    All we read about is crap like Netflix won't build a PB app. Who cares? Please please RIM, spend some $ to get the word out.
    OK, rant over, I'm off to buy a BB Bold now. I've got to do something to get their share price back up to where I bought it.
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    05-23-12 02:10 PM
  25. Max741's Avatar
    So my initial experience with the Playbook is rather frustrating and makes me want to holler. I've been anticipating the PB from last week thursday and I finally got hands on it tonight at 10PM. I unboxed it and went straight into the initial setup having no idea what i was about to get myself into, the first hiccup occured at the BB ID agreement screen where i could not select agree or disagree and i ended up restarting the tab, then signing in with my BB ID after this, i got the MANDATORY update screen which i was fine with, i left it plugged in to download and install and at 49% it said could not install and ive restarted more than 8 times to the same issue now Ive connected it to the desktop and its downloading ONE module that seems to be about 3GIGS (exaggeration) but its taking forever and my internet is not that slow.
    So the official I got my PB feeling is not good ......but I love a challenge and these are things that keep me hooked to BB (I love fixing things)
    Now its 1:25 and by the looks of it i wont be able to use this baby by tomorrow so im just going to troll the net till i fall asleep.
    05-30-12 01:23 AM
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