12-28-14 03:04 AM
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  1. house78's Avatar
    I've been reading the responses in this forum for about two months and I've finally decided to jump in on the playbook action. Just picked up a 32gb and I'm opening the box now. I look forward to evolving with the playbook. By the way RIM is not dead!! They will rise again!!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    06-26-11 04:59 PM
  2. lizzieh's Avatar
    I'm loving my Playbook, took the iPad back! The main reason I love it is the bridge and I'm definitely a BB fan.
    06-27-11 03:47 AM
  3. shawnOST's Avatar
    I picked up my 32 GB Playbook this past weekend at Best Buy, very happy so far. Now I'm must waiting for my screen protector and case to arrive tomorrow. Any recommendations for good wallpaper sites?
    06-27-11 11:21 AM
  4. zaikai's Avatar
    I picked up my 32 GB Playbook this past weekend at Best Buy, very happy so far. Now I'm must waiting for my screen protector and case to arrive tomorrow. Any recommendations for good wallpaper sites?
    just use some ipad wallpapers sites 1024*1024
    06-28-11 01:09 AM
  5. BBFTW88's Avatar
    I picked up my 32 GB Playbook this past weekend at Best Buy, very happy so far. Now I'm must waiting for my screen protector and case to arrive tomorrow. Any recommendations for good wallpaper sites?
    This site has hundereds iPad-Wallpapers - The Best iPad Wallpapers on the Internet. iPad-Wallpapers.com - The Best iPad Wallpapers on the Internet. - Home
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    06-28-11 06:00 AM
  6. daveyem's Avatar
    Just got my PlayBook today after having had it taken to the post office yesterday because I wasn't home.

    Absolutely love it
    06-29-11 10:56 AM
  7. daveyem's Avatar
    I got mine and I love, especially the bridge.
    Bridge is excellent. Just worked for me first time straight out of the box.
    06-29-11 10:58 AM
  8. Eli_B's Avatar
    Hey all! I am now the proud owner of at 16gig Playbook!! (as of last night).

    After using it for a few hours last night, I can tell you that I'm in love with this tablet.

    Being able to use Flash and watch videos on YouTube is awesome.

    My PB came with Need for Speed and Tetris, and I can tell you...Need for Speed is SWEET, from the intro video, to the graphics to the game-play itself.

    The sound on this thing is really nice as well.

    Bridging my PB to my BB and being able to use BBM is sweet, and since i have both my BB and my PB on my wifi network, it goes pretty fast.

    The Video quality is SWEET. I almost dropped when I saw that HD video demo...WOW....

    I don't rely heavily on apps, and I'm not in the business world, so for what I need, this device is perfect for me.

    I look forward to seeing how much better my PB will get as the software updates continue to roll out and the native PIM functions and BBM becomes standard. Copy and paste would be nice too :-P

    Thanks for making an awesome product, RIM!
    06-30-11 11:44 AM
  9. bembol's Avatar
    I picked up the 16GB. TBH, I had doubts about it, looking at the threads it seems nothing has changed right down to Lip Syncing issues which is one of my biggest pet peeves and most important to me since I love watching Video on my toys.

    1. BlackBerry was great at first but it just show how fast you can get left behind. I moved onto Android (Samsung nexus S) & iOS (iPhone 5 when it comes out).

    2. I was supposed to buy my new 32GB iPod touch 4G but the seller (craigslist) didn't show up.

    I've been keeping an eye on this 16GB PlayBook (on kijiji) and since it didn't work out I picked it up.

    It was a great deal and I figured I can always sell it. I love throwing money away, I sold my 64GB iPad One 3G a few days ago. LOL I wanted to Asus Transformer but 10" Tablets is a PITA to take with you especially at LA Fitness. If Apple released a 7" iPad this could've been all avoided.
    07-01-11 05:33 PM
  10. Duvi's Avatar
    yup! i g0tz it 2.
    07-05-11 11:21 PM
  11. greatg67's Avatar
    I've had my PB for a week...and I think its an amazing product with great potenital (despite all of the "negatives" flying around)!
    07-06-11 08:04 AM
  12. melb_me's Avatar
    Got my 32g a week ago now. Just love it! I have a 64g Ipad that I don't use anymore. After using the playbook with it's crystal clear display it is VERY hard to go back and look at the Ipad's blurry screen.

    My wife is going out of town for 5 days and wants the PLAYBOOK! We will just have to get another one now won't we?
    07-06-11 10:56 AM
  13. Cracker_Hughes's Avatar
    Got my 32Gb Playbook last week. I wasn't disappointed, and had great fun using it up to now. Startup went without a hitch, the Bridge works perfectly just as tethering using my Bold. BBM is a charm, but of course, I would be very happy if Windows Live Mail was available for the PB.

    All in all, on a range of 1 to 10, I would rate the PB as a 9. I never rate anything a 10 as I think nothing is perfect.

    Suffice to say I am VERY satisfied with my new tablet.
    07-06-11 11:40 AM
  14. JAGWIRE's Avatar
    got my PB today at my local The Source, so happen to work there too. Took me some time and some researching to find how to work it, seeing how it doesnt really come with a user manual. Got some questions about it to you all and hopefully someone can shed some light on this.

    The native FB app doesnt flip back around when i spin the device. Also im not able to use bridge files. my PB isnt registering that thrre any files to pull from my BB. any hints/info would be awesome.
    07-06-11 12:34 PM
  15. kidmac13's Avatar
    After looking forward to the Playbook since its was rumored to be called the "BlackPad" im happy to say that i finally got my 32gb playbook two days ago from Harvey Norman(Melbourne Australia) and it was love at first sight. Even better my lady friend who came along with me(who is a blackberry user from my recommendation) went back the next day and purchased a 16gb Playbook for herself.

    #TeamBLACKBERRY wins all around.
    07-08-11 02:06 AM
  16. Barljo's Avatar
    I've just picked mine up from the delivery depot on the way into work. Looks and feels great, but now I have it sat next to me all day at work, not being able to play with it, turn it on, update it or anything.

    I should have waited to pick it up on the way home!
    07-08-11 02:58 AM
  17. b5m's Avatar
    I had a demo for a couple of days and went against the Ipad wave at my company to get a PB.
    I am quite happy with the email and calendar function via the Bridge which works well for me. I have no desire to get another 3G contract for a tablet. The Bridge sometimes crashes or behaves strangely but 95% of the time works well.
    On a different note Blaq for Twitter works well which I use alot. I also enjoy watches movies and the experience is good especially nice for travelling by plane.

    The text input it a little bit fiddly and I hope to see an improvement with autocorrect, magnifier etc.
    07-08-11 08:06 AM
  18. pajczi's Avatar
    I'm one of those Mac Blackberry types. All the 5 computers in the house are Macs, but my phone is a 9700 and my 7th BB since my first in 1998. Can't wait for the 9900. Never had and don't want an iPhone. Wife and one of my daughters have BB Curves.
    Couldn't wait for the PB so got an iPad six months ago and it's really good but couldn't pass the 32gb PB on a recent US visit, bought it and think it's fantastic. Why?

    Multi tasking
    BB Bridge
    Subtle size and portability

    Never cared much for Apps so don't feel like I'm missing anything.

    So for me the BB beats the iPad by a good margin.
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    07-08-11 04:03 PM
  19. gomab357's Avatar
    Greetings everyone! I got my PB on the 22nd of last month, and so far, so good (except for a lack of apps of course). I must say that it has the best web browsing experience I have yet to experience on any mobile device and i love the size. I wish it would have a slight vibrate as you type, but thats no biggie...just a preference. My Bing app has yet to get a GPS signal, so cant speak on it. i would love to test out the video cam, so i would appreciate a test call. Lastly, my PB has updated several times, but i still dont have spell check. Is this normal?
    07-08-11 08:58 PM
  20. DravenX's Avatar
    I haven't got mine yet but it is on it's way. I'm excited. I got the 64GB version because I'm a storage hound. One reason why I'm not too big on Apple products. I just hope I like it. I'm sure I will.
    07-09-11 04:52 PM
  21. Redbird1's Avatar
    Just ordered my 32gb PB. Can't wait!

    I'm really hoping the bridge feature works well with my Curve 3g.
    07-10-11 01:34 AM
  22. NikolaP's Avatar
    I got Playbook a few weeks ago, it is test unit in company where I work so I had time to play with it.
    I am Mac guy, but on smartphone side I am android to the bone.

    Quick thought:
    1. Perfect size, excellent built quality. I have iPad (both 1 and 2) also here, also Xoom, but Playbook size is perfect for me. Big enough for very nice browsing, but small enough to just slip it in cargo pants pocket. iPAd and Xoom are just a little bit too big and heavy for my taste.
    2. QNX is awesome, user interface is very intuitive and fast.
    3. App World.... WTF! I had to use US proxy to be able to download free apps! I know it is not supported in my country, but realy..... WTF!!!!!!!
    4. Apps.... When I got inside.... like a Moscow supermarket during Soviet times. Yes I know 70% of apps on Android market are useless, but there is bunch of really good apps, on App World.....
    5. Google apps. Google apps on Android are really covering 70% of my needs. Yes I know I can use it thru web, but if Google would port them to QNX, it would be absolutely perfect.
    6. Skype. I need it.. badly.
    7. WTF with time zones... I can choose only north american ones....
    8. Native mail app. HALLO! Are you kidding me?

    And final thought. Android app player thing they showed. If I want Android apps, I will buy Android tablet. This will kill even this poor state of native apps availability.

    So bottom line: Awesome build quality, perfect size, awesome QNX... but developers, developers, developers.
    07-11-11 02:30 AM
  23. Kevstra's Avatar
    This is my first post here on Crackberry.com, and also the first post from my brand new 32gb BlackBerry Playbook! I have to say I absolutely love it. The build quality is awesome. The size is perfect. I love the HDMI output and free tethering. My only frustration is lack of auto-correct. Don't care too much about apps, I don't see how 350,000 apps would ever help me...

    Anyways! Happy to join the club!

    07-11-11 11:09 PM
  24. klintoncloud's Avatar
    Finally got my hand on a playbook. Love everything about it but 1. I can't seem to get the device software to work on my mac. When i first connected piboy (yes, i name all my gadgets ) it downloaded the device software then it asked me to restart when it came back to life it says that it needs an I.P. ----- Any suggestions? Thanks
    07-12-11 08:30 AM
  25. cyberoid's Avatar
    Got my 64GB Playbook on June 29. I like the feel, size and powerful hardware specifications of the PB. It would be perfect once we get some more features and good apps for it.
    07-12-11 09:51 AM
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