12-28-14 03:04 AM
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  1. togardergrosse's Avatar
    I know this is kinda late, but I got mine from BBWC for free
    So far so good! Two-weeks update windows is a very great news.
    Kinda makes u feel excited for the upcoming feature RIM will give
    05-16-11 02:27 PM
  2. Jenny2011's Avatar
    For those of us in the UK I've just heard that you can pre-order the PlayBook today from Insight UK. Here's the link PlayBook - Pre-Order | Insight UK
    05-17-11 04:44 AM
  3. bazjeepers's Avatar
    Being one of the earlier ones to get the BB Torch and the big headache of getting CJK files to work on the Torch. I love the PlayBook. My wife surprised me on my birthday with a surprise party and the 32GB PlayBook.

    She had so much trouble trying to find a 64GB PlayBook since it does not seem like any Best Buy stores in this area stock it at all. NY/NJ area.

    Anyow ... love everything about it. Can't wait for the new updates.

    Figured out the BlackBerry Bridge connectivity issue and narrowed down to a specific Bluetooth profile that needed to be disabled for correct use of the BB Bridge. All in all, I am glad I got this as a gift.

    The bad part ... I now have to plan a bigger surprise for the wife for the next few birthdays.
    05-17-11 09:55 AM
  4. Nerazzurro's Avatar
    Just love the PB, couldnt be more happy with a tablet
    Glad I didnt get the ipad 2 instead and waited for this baby to arrive
    05-17-11 02:27 PM
  5. rscaramelo#WP's Avatar
    I just got my Playbook. So far I am very impressed. I few things I'm wondering about:

    1. I foolishly didn't realize it didn't have a sd expansion port. I bought the 16gb model. I am wondering if I should go exchange it for the 32? I probably don't need more than the 16 but I would hate to run out of room. I'm not a power user by any means. I'm torn about this.

    2. Tethering. I have an android phone that can be used as a portable hotspot. Problem is I don't like Android, I like WP7. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the new Mango update adds this. I maybe grab a WP7 and a cheap android and just swap the sim on the rare occasion that I need the hotspot.

    3. GMail. I wish there was an app. The web interface isn't bad.

    4. Netflix needed. I assume it's in the works.

    As of right now it looks like a keeper.
    05-17-11 03:27 PM
  6. Yemson's Avatar
    I got my 32 GB Playbook yesterday. I finally decided I wanted one. So far the device is top notch. I very happy with it. I also got the latest Software update, wich seems to have enabled file sharing via USB.

    One thing though, while displaying Pics from the internet in Picture mode and rotate it to portrait mode, the screen goes weird and you can't see a thing. Rotate it back again and it goes ok. Probably a problem to be solved with the next update, but it's kinda annoying.

    Other than that I'm very happy with my PB. Go RIM!
    05-18-11 10:48 AM
  7. LOY80Y's Avatar
    im about to get my playbook tomorrow and just wondering with regards to charging to you drain it down to low batt and charge? or charge it as soon as i get it till its full?

    with new blackberrys and/or blackberry batterys i get i usually drain it down to low batt and charge to full.
    05-19-11 04:34 AM
  8. trsbbs's Avatar
    It doesn't hurt to exercise the battery..running it down and fully charging it
    it a couple of times during the first weeks can help.

    05-19-11 02:26 PM
  9. bpdude's Avatar
    Was going to get an ipad and walked by the playbook and watched the demo video and was in awe. Did a little research on my iphone while in the store and bam I was sold. Love the 7 inch screen and the power of this thing. Ive had it for a week and couldnt be happier. Never considered a blackberry anything but this thing got my attention. I wish they would just stay with "quality apps" because it seems the apple app store has got too much junk and ripoff apps these days(though some are great). I love the fact that so many people ignored the cheesy reviews and are buying it.
    05-19-11 02:48 PM
  10. powderbanks's Avatar
    im about to get my playbook tomorrow and just wondering with regards to charging to you drain it down to low batt and charge? or charge it as soon as i get it till its full?

    with new blackberrys and/or blackberry batterys i get i usually drain it down to low batt and charge to full.
    i plugged it in because there are software updates and setup stuff to do. not exactly a good move to have it die during updating. the first week or so i'd use it until it died and then charged it. but now i just charge it whenever it starts to get low. still seems to be doing just fine
    05-19-11 05:52 PM
  11. Jake2826's Avatar
    I just got mine. The PB is a sick little piece of tech. So far, I love it.
    05-19-11 08:27 PM
  12. NBaker20's Avatar
    just got my playbook today only a 16gb but i love it!!! does anyone now how to clear the games off it and things like that because im only showing 11.7gb left and it says capacity is 14.7
    05-20-11 05:50 AM
  13. LOY80Y's Avatar
    i just got my playbook and i want to know if theres an issue with the volume up and power button. the volume up and power button doesnt sound/feel like it clicks down. it works fine it just goes down, where as the play/pause and volume down u press down on it n makes a lil click sound/feel.

    what i mean by the click sound for example on the torch how you press the volume, lock, mute, etc buttons you can hear/feel it click.

    that normal?
    05-20-11 06:18 AM
  14. djrobinn's Avatar
    Hi folks:

    Figured I'd use my AirMiles rewards for this "frivolous" purchase... 7050 AirMiles and 4 days later, voila... the 64GB PlayBook arrives at my home...

    What can I say, I love it! Just love the "no strings attached" feeling knowing that I don't need proprietory cables to hook it up to my TV (unlike iPad), I don't need proprietory software to make it "talk" to my PC (unlike iPad)... I connect it with the computer and bamm... it shows up as a drive letter on my machine which allows me to copy my music or videos to it... how convenient is that.

    Yes, I know the apps are severely lacking but there's an app for pretty much whatever I need it to do... more would be good but knowing that I have bought a piece of hardware that won't be replaced by the next version in less than 6 months gives me peace of mind.

    Just a few tips in case you guys didn't know:
    - To take a screenshot, press both Volume up & down buttons together, you will hear a clicking sound and if you go to your pictures app, you will see the screenshot there...
    - To give it a hard reboot (equal to a battery pull on a BB phone), press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds... things should look up after that...

    For those into video, MKV file playback is not supported. I have personally tried MP4 files and DivX encoded AVI files and have had no issues. If the audio is encoded with AC3 or DTS, you will see a "muted" video as the PlayBook cannot decode those audio streams.

    All said and done, I love it! I have a colleague who has an iPad 2, a Motorola Xoom and he loved the Playbook when I showed it to him. He thought the browser loaded really fast, the small screen size actually allowed typing with 2 thumbs without putting it down somewhere... Flash worked great!

    Anyway, enjoy it like I will mine!
    05-20-11 07:01 AM
  15. kuleke's Avatar
    got my pb!!! whats this about bb keyboards on the pb ?

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    05-20-11 08:34 AM
  16. samsams's Avatar
    Got it two weeks ago! And it's even not released in EU. I believe I am the first in Holland Thx to a US BBM friend right here from the CrackBerry forum !!!
    64GB showing off HD videos to all my iPad2 friends
    05-20-11 01:55 PM
  17. LOY80Y's Avatar
    It doesn't hurt to exercise the battery..running it down and fully charging it
    it a couple of times during the first weeks can help.

    Cool thanks.

    Also when charging does the pb have to be on/stand by? I'm charging mine while on stand by and it hasn't really gone up to 100% or at least show the plug icon like how the blackberry does

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    05-20-11 06:37 PM
  18. kiddoc's Avatar
    Got my 32GB yesterday and I am totally addicted. My powerbook is collecting dust as we speak!
    05-21-11 05:42 AM
  19. JakubT's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    got mine 32GB Yesterday...hard to get it here in Czech and expensive also...but I couldn't wait ...

    So far so good, I read a lot of stuff about it before I got it, so no surprises or confusions....
    05-21-11 07:56 AM
  20. andyphan's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    I'm so happy to get my playbook 2 days ago and at the same time I got a Ipad2.
    I'm so impressed with the playbook multi-tasking capability, ipad2 totally loss out in this area.

    I bridge the playbook with my torch, I'm having this funny problem that the apps icon in the bridge folder being invisible, leaving only the title. this happens a few time, once reset it will be ok.

    any fix for this guys?
    05-22-11 05:50 AM
  21. Playbook Bob's Avatar
    Got mine here in the UK on 17th May from Amazon UK who are the only source selling it now in UK. Questions: If the official release in UK is 16th June, why could I get it earlier? What way could the 16th June releases be different? Do operating software upgrades take place automatically when Wi-Fi is active?

    Huge disappointment initially. I held off buying an ipad or Android tablet, waiting for this and then discovered I could only access calender, contacts, email, tasks and notes if my Torch was switched on. OK so now I realize the issues with the famous (or infamous) server security with BB. And that Playbook is for those who are dedicated BB users for all the usual reasons. I must be one of them since I cannot cope with touch screen typing on iphone and Android phones.

    But, and this is a huge but: battery life is shocking! You can't leave it in standby mode with or without wifi and bluetooth on, unlike the phones, without the battery running down in a matter of hours. Since re-charge takes many hours its an overnight job. Any extended use, similar to a laptop, would have to be with it plugged in to a power socket. What's going on? They can't be serious! Somebody please tell me they will fix this through a software upgrade.
    05-22-11 07:35 AM
  22. powderbanks's Avatar
    ^ have you accepted the software agreement for video chat? i was drunk last night and left mine running a few apps over night with maybe 30% left and it's now at 18%. battery life for me is awesome. i only have to charge it every two or three days, depending on use
    05-22-11 07:44 AM
  23. rexxenex's Avatar
    finally picked up my 32gb playbook! love this thing!!!! now to get a nice background
    05-22-11 11:57 AM
  24. tofo17's Avatar
    Picked up my 32GB PB in Canada 3 weeks ago and now back in Australia (where it is not available, so I'm the coolest kid on the block). Very happy with it. Mainly used for web and media at home but also connecting to my 9700. I love WiFi connections to my PC, able to push files at the drop of a hat. Though I would also like to be able to pull files.

    One limitation at the moment is that I can't buy books in Kobo Books with an Australian credit card. UPDATE - I just bought a book, turns out that while in Canada I tried to buy a book not available in Australia, which I can't even see now when I do a search in Australia.

    AppWorld didn't like my credit card either (error 1100) but it accepted my PayPal account and now shows everything in AUD... nice. Only purchased app so far is aVNC, just awesome for remote connection to my home PC!

    Also, tethering via my 9700 using the Optus profile worked first time... easiest tethering experience I've ever had.
    Last edited by tofo17; 05-23-11 at 01:08 AM.
    05-23-11 12:31 AM
  25. NinjaBread's Avatar
    I have been waiting for so long to be able to post in this forum! I'm in Australia and went through so much frustration with Sears trying to get the order processed and delivered (they were the only place that took international credit cards). My cousin in Canada had to deliver it to me, I think F5 on my keyboard is busted from checking the tracking status!

    Long story short, I have my 16gb PlayBook in hand now and am going through the setup. Over the moon!
    05-23-11 03:17 AM
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