1. muddy211's Avatar
    hi all....just got home with my new 64gb playbook from office depot...went in and asked if they price matched....they sure did, got my 64gb playbook for $299....they matched RIM's online price...so far it seems awesome...reading the tips and tricks....take care, muddy211.
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    01-05-12 04:23 PM
  2. Chrysalis1156's Avatar
    That's awesome. So happy for you. Wish they were making those deals back in early September when I bought mine. There are a lot of Playbook savvy people in here to help if you have any questions or problems. Welcome and enjoy!
    01-05-12 04:35 PM
  3. Denise in Los Angeles's Avatar
    Wow! Congrats on the good deal!
    01-05-12 04:35 PM
  4. JGUZEK's Avatar
    Congrats,... I tried the the same think with my local OD on Tuesday and they said nay-nay. "We do not price match online prices",.... I tried to explain that the lower price was coming directly from the manufacturer.

    I ended up ordered a 64GB from shopblackberry.com later that day. Should be here tomorrow.
    01-05-12 09:38 PM