1. Tsaishen's Avatar
    Over the last couple weeks my playbook has been showing concerning glitches.

    I use it every day at work and home which is why this is concerning me.

    Lately I've noticed the following;
    - browser painfully slow and constantly crashing. I've never really experienced a slow browser before until now. Sometimes its to the point where I put the PB down and go to the PC.
    - My blackberry keyboard is overriding my finger gestures - even after a reboot, when the keyboard is attached i can't finger swipe/control the PB, i have to use the mouse pad - side note - why wouldnt they make the track pad surface on the keyboard more sensitive with regards to area - its basically a 1:1 ratio pad to PB screen area....it takes 3 full swipes to go from bezel to bezel either direction.....anyway...
    - Bridge instability - it seems like its getting worse

    If this keeps up - the playbook may become an "ipad" AKA a ""toy" for my boys.... Then i'll have to find a replacement. It's a powerful workhorse for me right now..... But when i lose all my meeting notes because the bridge drops it now becomes a risk for me.

    I'm holding out for BB10 for the PB before i make any decisions - hopefully the PB will hold on until then.

    Anyone else experiencing these issues?
    04-11-13 09:54 AM
  2. jpash549's Avatar
    Clear out your browser cache. Try a different browser. Disable flash and java script and see if that makes a difference. Since you seem to be operating tethered to your phone maybe above won't work. :-)
    04-11-13 11:23 AM
  3. GV2012's Avatar
    Have you sideloaded any Android apps? If all of a sudden a bunch of different things are going screwy on it, from what I ve read on the forums, that could be it.
    04-11-13 11:28 AM

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