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    Hi all

    Had search an couldn't find an answer.

    Does the PB have a limit to devices connect via bluetooth at anyone time.

    I can connect my keyboard and mouse but then cannot connect via bridge etc- Seems I cannot run all 3 at same time.

    Is this correct?


    10-02-12 12:00 PM
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    Not sure there is an actual limit but the practical limit I would say is 3. However, you are trying to connect 3 HIDs (Human Interface Device) up. There very well could be a limit of 2 HIDs. There may be a way to disable the remote control on your BB and just use the bridging part. If so, that might allow you to connect all 3.

    I have used my Mini-KB, Bluetooth stereo headset and bridge at the same time. I was touchy.

    OS 2.1 will allow bridge VIA WiFi. That is going to be nice.
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    10-02-12 12:42 PM