06-30-13 10:25 AM
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  1. polytan02's Avatar
    You DO realize that when I posted that, it referenced the release of BlackBerry 10 when the Z10 launched in March 2013 right (that was a launch day video of an interview Thorsten did with the networks to generate hype)? My point of posting it was to show you how he flat out lied...that's not a NEW video. It's old so don't get sucked in like we all did back in March.
    Sorry, my fault. I didn't check the date...

    Posted via CB10
    06-30-13 03:21 AM
  2. Affableaardvark's Avatar
    Heins has been justly lauded for cutting costs, ramping up marketing and making the kind of tough choices that will ensure BlackBerrys survival. These latest results, however, indicate his toughest choices are just beginning. If the PlayBook is dead, investors cant be faulted for wondering what else in the BlackBerry product portfolio is hanging on for dear life.
    Full Article
    BlackBerry earnings results: What the PlayBook decision portends | Dashboard - Yahoo! Finance Canada
    06-30-13 04:36 AM
  3. Ralph Brown2's Avatar
    I only meant that BlackBerry should release the boot code related to the starting of the hardware on Tue he playbook. That part has no value to any investor. Also when a company releases code like that to the open source community it can have an effect of enhancing the value of the source donor company. I used NexTstep as an example because al hough they had opened their source code', still went on to be purchase by Apple and for the base for the iOS and OSX. We all know the success story on that one.
    06-30-13 09:14 AM
  4. Ralph Brown2's Avatar
    Cool. Yep Blackberry should release the hardware specs. I will add as a BB customer they have lost my business forever at this point.
    06-30-13 09:31 AM
  5. CairnsRock's Avatar
    BBRY are incompetent, that's all. Whether the incompetence lies in middle management or in the engineers themselves, who knows, but they've made a mess of BB10.

    Like what outstanding features does BB10 offer compared to the competition? Random reboots, only 30 days of email, broken IMAP folders, randomly deleting emails, poor battery life, a bloated Hub, poor UI... And you need BES10 to make the most of BB10 but pity the poor IT staffer who has to convince the boss why the company needs BES10 when they could just use Exchange.

    And paul, why 147? Why not 159 or 166?
    Back in the day when they were riding high, they were insufferably arrogant to do business with. They knew everything and they knew your business better than you. I sometimes wonder if that is all gone or if some of it remains.
    06-30-13 10:25 AM
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