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    Firstly may I apologise for what could turn out to be a long thread but I just want to:

    A) Clear any misconceptions about my intentions here.
    B) Describe my experience of upgrading to 2.1 in my feeble attempt to help someone.

    After reading so many people complain about the new pb 2.1 OS upgrade and how it affected their pb I decided to have a play!

    These are only my personal findings on my own pb and I cannot suggest that it will work for you, however to a certain extent it did work for me.

    When 2.0 was released I received no notification from RIM and it was only through reading posts on this site that I actually knew that it had happened. I upgraded to 2.0 through DTM and suddenly began to hate my pb. My post venting my spleen can be looked up, for which I was berated by people for daring to say anything against RIM and the pb but these were my experiences of a piece of supposedly high technology that I found sadly lacking after believing the marketing hype and parting with a substantial amount of cash.

    However not being a person to give in I soldiered on and started playing with my piece of plastic in an attempt to find some sense in RIM's ethos. I upgraded to the first beta version of 2.1 and was pleasantly surprised. Not being able to understand why people on here were slagging it off as useless, I was starting to enjoy my pb. Notification of another upgrade to my 2.1 beta and I took it with open arms. RIM withdrew the upgrade within hours and people here continued to highlight the upgrades problems while I was suddenly using a pb that was starting to become part of my life.

    Along came the official version of 2.1 which of course I accepted readily and apart from other things the one thing I required most was there, 'bridge texting'. My life being now slightly happier I bought five more 64Gb pb's this week from currys who are selling them for 129 which given what I paid for mine when they first came out is insane!

    Reading threads on this site last night I failed to understand how so many people were having serious issues with the upgrade whilst I was so happy (as that is not normal for me). I then read a suggested course of action from someone stating that all upgrades should be done through DTM to resolve problems in the future. Every upgrade I have done apart from the initial upgrade to 2.0 which I knew nothing about until it had already happened have been done OTA. Thinking back to when I did an upgrade via DTM it coincided with my dissatisfaction with my pb. I started to test this theory about OS upgrades OTA vs upgrades through DTM and my results are as follows:

    1. Perform total back up through DTM.
    2. Disconnect pb from DTM and security wipe.
    3. Reconnect to DTM and upgrade.
    4. Restore data and settings through DTM.

    When disconnected from DTM my pb immediately informed me of an upgrade? The upgrade was 1Mb and was only BBC news and iPlayer?
    Why not upgrade at the same time but whatever, so I started playing with my pb for a very short time before being forced to sort the problems out. Problems:

    Almost impossible to setup my accounts unless I repeatedly tried and tried until it felt like I forced it to connect through brute force and ignorance.
    Intermittent screen freezes that could only be resolved by a restart.
    Unusable Web browsing due to consistant checkerboarding.
    Sudden deletion of texts through bridge.
    Sudden deletion of emails.
    Intermittent failure to login to accounts due to password errors, Gmail, o2, btinternet, yahoo etc etc.

    Another security wipe and this time the upgrade was done OTA. The result was no 1Mb upgrade afterwards (already done during OTA upgrade) and my pb back to normal and happiness in my world again. Not being one to be a sceptic I repeated the whole process again with almost identical results apart from slightly less checkerboarding when browsing. Back to upgrading OTA and happiness as a result.

    Not sure this will solve everyone or anyone's problem but works perfectly for me so it must be worth a try if your having serious issues.

    Sent using my fingers with absolutely no participation from my head
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    10-15-12 02:39 PM
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    That is very interesting and may have a lot to do with why some are having problems and some are not.
    Thanks for taking the time to post the details.
    It certainly does lend some credence to the idea that there is more than one update depending on how it is installed.

    My Playbook seems to be working fine. I didn't back up or wipe anything just took the update OTA.
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    10-15-12 02:52 PM
  3. zorecati's Avatar
    I have 3 PB's, a 16g test mule, 32, and 64. The 16gig only notified me after reboot that the update was available, the 32g I clicked the check update button and the 64gig had the update icon present on the top left. I updated all 3 thru the playbook with out doing a backup or a wipe before hand. I upgraded all 3 from the update release that was removed (I don't recall the release number) of which the only issue I had with that release was Kobo not working offline which was a known issue, now fixed. Thanks for the post.
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    10-15-12 03:01 PM
  4. kbz1960's Avatar
    I've done it every way. Still issues. Not horrible ones but some old ones still present and some new introduced.
    10-15-12 03:17 PM
  5. Hgouck's Avatar
    I have always updated OTA and have not run into the problems others have faced. I also haven't used any beta's or sideloaded Android apps. Not saying that doing so causes problems. Just stating my experience.
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    10-15-12 03:47 PM
  6. bay1902's Avatar
    really interesting, thanks for the share. I have only ever done ota myself, no problems to report thus far and v happy. but thanks for taking the time to try this out and report back. the forum appreciates it!
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    10-15-12 04:57 PM
  7. taz323's Avatar
    I have done all my updates, OTA and basically had no issues,some cbeckerboarding but not a whole lot of browser crashes that I've read about. You might be onto something.
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    10-15-12 05:16 PM
  8. josney's Avatar
    all of my updates have been OTA also. i was having serious battery loss after the upgrade, plus i had tried my hand at side loading some apps. i deleted the apps and did a security wipe and did the upgrade OTA again. battery comsumption is a TON better. was it the apps? did i screw something up? not sure, but it was worth the wipe and re-install. i was ready to get rid of my PB, but i was not giving up that easy.
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    10-15-12 05:56 PM
  9. sad_old_man's Avatar
    Thanks to you all for taking the time to add your comments. I don't understand why there should be a difference in the way updates are carried out and I would have thought that the best way would have been through a direct connection through DTM where there is less chance of spurious interference from wifi corruption. However from my finding OTA updates with or without a security wipe is the better option.

    I have never trusted DTM personally because of continuing connection problems and the fact that whatever I do a backup through DTM, when I restore to my pb I find most of my data has gone missing! Eg certain contacts, account settings passwords etc etc

    Sent with my fingers with no participation from my head!
    10-16-12 11:49 AM
  10. esk369's Avatar
    While I'm guessing that I have been lucky with my pb only some minor issues with my pb in general have always been able to fix with help from some of the fine people here at crackberry.
    I like the fact that instead of giving up and endless ******** you did something about it and took the time to share with everyone its a happy ending for you and that makes me happy I hope your fix helps others that if they took a little time away from about it and did a little research and tinkering on their own would solve most issues kudos to you maybe not so sad old man.
    10-16-12 12:29 PM
  11. sad_old_man's Avatar
    The problem is that not all people are tech savvy as such. I see the pb as something that you need to understand and be capable of working through a structured testing method so solve your problems with it.

    Hardware is hardware and although it is assembled with the help of us mere humans, it should not be so drastically different as to cause so many different posts about operational issues. Therefore the only variables in the equasion has to be either the OS or the individual software contained within the program causing issues.

    However we cannot berate people for not taking the time to find out what is the problem when they are simply end users who use it devices at work via the support of their IT department. Think about it this way, you don't buy a new HD 50" Tv and expect to need a PhD in electronics to be able to get it to display a picture! It is as we all know a real pain to do a security wipe. Even doing a backup before hand through DTM leaves you back at square one afterwards. A lot of people on this forum know about rooting, soft resets, hard resets and side loading apps. The biggest majority of people on here don't, they just do not make posts. The difficulty is that the people who have the most knowledge do not post about simple things because in their world everybody knows how to do that but in fact they don't. I would like to bet that for every person on this forum that has the courage to ask "how do I", there are three more people that have been members since the forum started and have never made a post but they have found the help they require on this forum from reading other people's solutions.

    Remember when you post any (within reason) information about the pb on here, you are helping someone. The thing is that you will never know. Just keep doing it and ignore the jibes.

    Sent using my fingers with absolutely no participation from my head
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    10-16-12 01:31 PM
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    Just another post stating my personal experiences in upgrading. I bought my 16-gig PB in late February, and didn't the OS2 update OTA. I updated OTA on every update except 668, including the 2.1 betas, then the official 2.1. All OTA, no issues. I may have become complacent, because after the betas, I no longer backed up. Each update was an incremental improvement, with no loss of any apps, including sideloaded apps.

    All in all, a very encouraging result for me.
    10-16-12 05:21 PM

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