1. cmillette's Avatar
    I have seen many posts about the led blinking during charging etc. I have yet to see my LED blink or light up for that matter. Is that something in the setup?
    12-21-11 12:01 PM
  2. alnamvet68's Avatar
    If you charge the PB while it's turned off, you will see the pulsing yelowish light....when fully charged, it will be a solid green. While the PB is in sleep mode, you won't see any pulsing lights.
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    12-21-11 12:05 PM
  3. lbjailer's Avatar
    I have had my playbook for 3 days now. I have "never" seen the LED light up. The PB works fine. No blinking light like the phone. Is there a way to turn it on?
    12-23-11 07:44 AM
  4. anindoc's Avatar
    the LED lights are only active when the PB is "turned off" and is been charged. It will show yellowish/green light that will blink when the PB is still charging and the light becomes solid green when the PB is fully charged.
    When you turn your PB on from an off state it shows the red light for a few moments. There is a blue light that can only be activated from the rooted PB.
    Thats it folks...

    You will not see LED lights when the PB is in standby mode or on and is been charged.

    There is no way to turn on the LED light nor change its color etc. (unless you root the device).
    12-23-11 08:04 AM
  5. Matts41's Avatar
    There is no LED light settings menu.

    The following are the only notifications with LEDs.
    Depleted Battery While Powered Off - Red
    Charging While Powered Off - Pulsing Yellow

    The PlayBook's LED does not work like a BlackBerry Smartphone. When you receive an email or notification, you will see the top left corner of the screen is outlined with a blinking red notifier, and the LED will not flash.
    12-23-11 08:07 AM
  6. stillers2's Avatar
    I'm sure LED notifications wil come in an update in the next few years.... Can't wait!
    12-23-11 08:41 AM