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    I really hope I made some silly mistake and I CAN actually use and save Docs to Go on my playbook while offline.

    I had taken it out just a day after unpacking. Brought it to my nephews hockey game to take some vids/pics. I saw an acquaintance whom I hadnt seen for a while and needed some info contact info from so I thought I would test out the playbook so I decided to use Docs 2 go.

    All I wanted to do was put down her email address etc but i did not see any thing on a menu where i could save the file - OFF LINE.

    I really hope it was my error because I just assumed I would be able to use this function being off line.

    If anyone can help me would be appreciated. Each google I do seems to return Docs2go for the phones (understandable as there are multiple phones compared to Playbooks).
    11-11-12 04:30 PM
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    just open the menu(swipe from top to the bottom)
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    11-11-12 04:33 PM
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    Swipe from above to get the option to save the file..
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    11-11-12 04:34 PM
  4. GV2012's Avatar
    thanks all will try. I thought I tried that but I must have not because i didnt see anywhere that would allow me to save - so thats prob what happened - need to swipe down next time.
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    11-11-12 04:37 PM